Dull dull deadly dull.

October 26, 2008
No travelling this weekend and not much unravelling going on either for that matter apart from a moderate hangover. Up until last night I hadn’t had a drink for nearly two months. And after 3 drinks I was cream crackered and ready to go home.
The reason for no travelling? Well on Monday morning I have a company health check and I can’t stress how much I am really *really* looking forward to having to get weighed and measured alongside my diminutive Japanese colleagues.
In all seriousness though, it will most likely be an experience comparable to Koyasan or Miajima…the joy of living here is that I get to experience things like health checks and staff meetings and ways of living I never considered before. Mundane at home but terribly exciting here.
Company health checks, company bonding and just companies in general are something I’m naturally suspicious of. And here and there I must say I’ve noticed touches of the Orwellian in Japan. Especially corporate Japan. Every morning at eight the office workers in the building opposite my apartment all stand at their desks and do group physical jerks … Sorry – calisthenics – before they sit down for their ten hour shifts. (I will try to get a picture!) I think this sense of personal accountability to the company is similarly the motivation behind the company health check. Whatever happens it will be an experience as everything in Japan always is :)
So here are some old photos of Miajima:

Its rather nice to have this on my doorstep, well maybe not doorstep but its a 200 Yen tram ride away. The Torii begs to be photographed. Indeed, the whole of Japan seems to have been effortlessly arranged for the snap happy. Maybe its the Zen aesthetic?

These photos were taken all the way back in July. Seems a very long time ago now. I went back to last weekend with a German journalist called Stephan (Hi Stephan!) and got serious camera envy. I want one of the big spiffy ones. But is it worth it?

I like the shadows in this one.

Usually the Torrii is ‘floating’ but the first time I saw it was at low tide. I wasn’t disappointed though.. it was quite an experience to walk under this thing.

This is a stone Torii, on the path that takes you down from the town to the temple. Its probably concrete actually… thinking about it.

P.S Send me music if you can.


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