Internet, Influenza, Six More Months?? Oh my!

November 25, 2008

Dear Internet,

Long time no see.
All has been a tad quiet on the old travelling front but much unravelling has been taking place due in part to flu innoculation (my manager was in a bit of a flap about bird flu… ha ha…), freezing cold weather and being insanely busy with the hell that is Parent Observations.

Big Plans for this blog in the future…eventually I want to be able to design my own graphics for this space and make them up…But I have a lot more computer speaksy to learn first. Oh Yes.

I have pretty strong aesthetic instincts about how I want this space to look…but I’m sure these will soon be subject to change, growth and eventual contempt. Thats the usual pattern of things once I actually start looking at style and design. For me at least anyway.

The biggest news?


Oh…And I’m staying in Japan for an extra six months.

Because life here is all flavours of awesome:

Even when it involves this:

Went in for a flu jab…ended up on a drip. Japanese medicine is the definition of overkill

Speak to you soon


Mizi Moo XXXX

One comment

  1. Mizi! That’s so scary!

    I’m glad you’re OK.

    Rebecca x

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