Teeny Tiny Coffee

December 8, 2008

I just paid 300 Yen for what must be the world’s smallest coffee.

But who cares! Its snowing! Soft, white, delicate flakes are swirling past my seventh floor window – Nothing is settling but it looks beautiful – Maybe its time to head up into the mountains around Hiroshima and try my hand at Skiing? Or maybe not – I do have a terrible tendency to break my limbs whenever my feet aren’t firmly planted on the ground and I can think of nothing worse than having to teach any of my little darlings with only one arm.

( Also I can’t think of anything worse than having to go to the hospital of doom again…but my concerns about Japanese medical practice can wait for another post).

Again, no travelling this weekend, but it was my lovely friend Susan’s birthday so she and some other friends came to my apartment for a mini celebration. It was decidedly not a party. I have been instructed by my Landlady that I am to have no gaijin parties. I suppose by omission Nihonjin parties are A ok (Can you sense my arched eyebrow?) Anyway the gathering was wonderful – champagne, birthday cake, Mexican food and Karaoke and a big sleepover afterwards – many futons and duvets and much much fun was had by all.

The most wonderful thing is my apartment is nearly, almost, maybe finished. I made a set on Polyvore with some ideas, colors and things…Perhaps it will give you an idea of what the place looks like because at the moment I can’t find my camera, I think I lost it somewhere among the cans of  ‘creative life spray’ (which I *think* was paint); boxes of junk (only been here 6 months – how can there be so much?!!?) and old futons.

Here it is:

Apartment Ideas by Mizimoo

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