Klimt; Partly Frozen Robins and a Camera.

December 16, 2008

Yesterday, for a few brief hours it felt like Christmas.

I cycled over to Hakushima, a suburb that sits at at the feet of the mountains that flank Hiroshima and spent a glorious day eating cake, drinking tea and eventually playing with three of my students whose Mother I went to see. It was amazing to be in a real house again – with a back garden and toys littered around the place and a real Kitchen with an oven. Everyone i know is for the most part a dedicated singleton – living out of an apartment the size of a shoe box, their kitchen cupboards filled in turn with bottles of wine and stray high heels (the glamorous ones) or overflowing with bags of dandelion tea and fermented mung beans (my darling beloved hippies!) but this was a real home.

They even had pets – three little Hermit Crabs, which are apparently a huge new craze in Japan.  It was pretty weird – At one point I was sat with Hinako, Kanako and Nanako (and Nic) fussing over the hard shelled lovelies like they were puppies.  A little bizarre but that’s Japan for you and ultimately they made the children squeal and giggle so it was a job well done.

The Mum also has fantastic taste in art (she had one of my favorite Gustav Klimt paintings up on the wall) and…quite bizarrely as I went into the toilet I was greeted by a Laura Ashley explosion…the twee British brand my own Mother used to dress me in was all over the place. (She also had the same tea cups  we used to have…strange…).

So when we were sat together decorating Christmas cookies and listening to  the Mariah Carey Christmas album (oh how I love it. LOVE it) it felt like Christmas. Quite a bit. Other than that it hasn’t really felt like Christmas at all.

Possible reasons why it doesn’t feel like Christmas:

a) I am sober. For the four years Ive been on Holiday  by now and usually ina  general state of inebriation at any given point post December 16th. This was especially true during University days which I cant quite believe are over anyway but the less said about that the better.

b)I live in a land where a lot of people are under the belief that you know Santa and the Elves? Well the elves are evil and after Santa – that’s why he hot foots it around the world on Christmas Eve. Just one classic misinterpretation I heard on the grapevine.

c) Its warm. Properly warm. Like – a nice September’s day warm. It just isn’tChristmas if you can’t see your breath or still feel your toes. I know I’m a contrary, miserable and sentimental git but it just isn’t Christmas without crippling hoar frost; part-frozen Robins and the central heating  having to be bled and regular intervals to stop the whole system from imploding as the pipes contract within an inch of their life.

d) I miss you (probably).

Much love and kisses, Mizichan.

I finally found my camera! Hurrah! I can start taking photos of my life again. As much as any writer can sparkle – photos do leave a rather lovely behind.  Speaking of which:
Mariah Carey – Mention woman to me during eleven months of the year and you will get naught but a sneer, cheeky moo monopolising our name…but during December she can do no wrong. Strange girl that she is.
And by way of an apology for the above cheesey goo – Oh Klimty how I wish you could paint me:

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