Tea Cups, Rasberries and Flowers that bloom for 3 weeks.

December 29, 2008

On Christmas Day, work sent me posting leaflets. I was stuffing horrendous plastic envelopes into tiny mailboxes when I turned round and found this:


It’s a car park for the plush apartments that are around Hakushima.

My lovely Susan brought me flowers on December 4th and they are still in bloom:


Don’t they look pretty? They look good with my new cups!


I am obsessed with Ms Piaf recently:

Check the piano playing out in the background. Wish I could play like that.

My winter vacation has finally started, Thank God; Praise Allah and Hallelujiah Thor!  I slept for around 15 hours yesterday – woke up in the dark and had no idea what time it was (or where I was – sometimes I forget where I am and my body thinks its still in England). It turned out to be 6 oclock in the evening and I spent some delicious time watching every episode of Black Books and  eating Edamame. I have developed a slight crush on Bernard the disgruntled shop owner, but scarily I think I bear a slight resemblence to him…although who hasn’t extinguished their ciggarette in a glass of wine before using an old copy of Tolstoy to hit the lightswitch?



 Tomorrow I’m going to Kyoto for three days over new year and then to Tokyo. I can’t wait to go back to this store in Harajuku:



I’ve been trying to eat raw foods recently (and failing) and generally trying to get healthier – I am in Japan after all, its not hard but I am still a coffee addicted teacher with an eye twitch that won’t go away.  Just to update you.

Incidentally, I think these might be the most beautiful girsl in the world:


One comment

  1. I wish I was doing something that would warrant a blog… I’m Jealous mizi.. I like the car park photo! this years tea cups are quite nice too! xo

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