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First Weekend of 23

January 28, 2009

Went to the castle on Sunday to take some pictures because the quality of light was absolutely amazing.

Hiroshima castle is a replica – a fake plastic castle because the original one was destroyed by the bomb blast in ’45. There were kids running around the ruins – which is a good thing I think, for them to play there.

Its strange living in the city centre sometimes and knowing that everything was turned to dust, the building where I live used to be another building and it turned to dust. The grocery store, the dry cleaning place, the park – the castle, the lake. All turned to dust. I never think about it but sometimes it wanders across my mind.

It was my first wekend of being 23 and it felt awesome. I was sick of being 22 to be honest – it felt old hat and rubbish by the end. 23 sits easily with me for some reason.

I had an awesome friend come to stay with me over the weekend. The great thing  bout travelling is the faith it compels you have in people, and the closeness you achieve that takes years in other relationships. I have met people when travelling who I really, really treasure – it doesn’t seem to matter that you won’t ever see them again, or maybe that’s why its so refreshing. All the boring bullshit questions like, “whats your name”, “what did you study at Uni” and “what do you do” aren’t important (not that they are ever really important). Much more important questions are “What shall we eat?” “Oh my God, I love that too – did you try blah blah blah?” and “OK, beer?”.

People react with horror when I tell them about couch surfing. Sure I might one day get fucked over by a couch surfer, be robbed or whatever but …I really don’t think I will. And. I know this makes me sound like a daft hippy but if you put out that nervous energy then its probably a hundred times more likely that you will get screwed over. Trust people and good things happen.

I’m also really frustrated with my photography. I don’t know how to take the photos I want. There are elements in these pictures I want to change. Lighten a branch, add more focus and contrast to one area, soften another area but I don’t know how. I’m sure tutorials out there exist on the goodness of the interwebs but my eyes will begin to bleed if I spend any higher proportion of my time looking at a screen. gah.

P.S You asked for more photos of me – so here is one from last Sunday – chilling out at my friendly neighbourhood castle.


Mizichan xoxoxoxo


Love is…

January 23, 2009

Your best friend recording their voice onto a CD because they can’t afford to call you.

In other news, I’ve just realised that Regina Spektor looks really, really, really scary in the below youtube video preview.

Also an excerpt from my day:

Teacher: “Fumino, what does “I’ve” represent?”

Small Japanese child (wrinkling up her nose, head cocked to one side): “I love.”

I love children. They are awesome.


Birthday Musing

January 21, 2009

OK…So…give me a chance here…hear me out:

My life is wonderful and I adore every second of it.

For a naturally pessimistic, some would say proudly embittered girl – this is a pretty strange and uncomfortable thing to say.

There its out of the way now, and before you hit the little grey x in the browser corner – I’m sorry. I know, I know – all this bliss and optomism is sickening isn’t it? But my life is so truly and utterly fantastic. Everything seems suddenly to have fallen into place on this, my 23rd Birthday. I’m a million miles away from those who are so dear to me – but i have never felt your love and affection with such benign acuteness.

Take today for example – I woke up, read some amazing emails and went into work and spent my time with honest, beautiful and gorgeous children – running around like a mad woman and yes, spending 90% of my time pretending to be a Kangaroo. Then I came home and nibbled on nuts whilst dancing around my apartment (in Japan people…IN JAPAN!) in my knickers listening to the Strokes. I’m 23 years old and can pretty much congratulate myself on having achieved a pretty big dream of mine in that short, concise sentence. Then I ate dinner with a fantastic friend, eating Raw is making me feel so so gooooood. Then…THEN! The guys at the Cafe brought out a birthday cake!! Kimichan the sneaky minx (love you) had slyly arranged a brownie with candles, raspberries and ice-cream and my name spelled out in dark chocolate.

I can’t put into words, the sense of sublime optimism I have for this year and i think the fact that I have it is what is going to make it just so fabulous, I’m going to write about positivity and positive thoughts real soon – I’ve been thinking about it a lot. But, I will leave you with this:


Life is sweet

It’s just the question of learning to taste it.


Happy Birthday (7 Things)

January 20, 2009
  1. This is my first birthday where I’ve had to go to work. It’s going to be super surreal – just like Christmas was I think.
  2. This is my first birthday in 4 years spent without my best friend. Last year we were in Krakow – drinking weird boiled pork dumplings and drinking beer. I wish he was here, but what can you do eh? i think this time last year I was probably lying in bed with a hangover after going to a dubstep night in an underground club in Krakow Old Town.
  3. I’m 23 – fuck.
  4. It’s light! At 8 am it’s light!!! In the UK and even in Poland it’s always been dark every morning on my birthday but here in Japan it isn’t at all!
  5. So far, I have no presents to open  :(
  6. This weekend I went to Osaka and met some truly awesome people – it’s nice to be reminded that my life is still in its infancy and that I have a world of people to meet and thousands of things left to do.
  7. I’d forgotten what a nice feeling it is to have your feet ache from wearing high heels. Perverselyor no,  I love the sensation. It screams hedonism and good times – two things I’m very fond of.





Things and stuff and junk innit blood?

January 16, 2009

I have to make a poster for work explaining useful colloquial phrases. I’m thinking of explaining popular contractions. “Innit” and “mofo” are the ranked leaders so far. Any other ideas? I think the little darlings I am (bizarrely) in charge of would benefit greatly nes pas?

I’m obsessed with Regina Spektor:

Is it OK to like her? Is she cool? I’m not sure I care, she’s freaking wonderful!

I am very excited to go to Osaka this weekend…I also can’t wait to have something interesting to write about! I always write so much these days – but none of it seems conceptually developed enough for publishing. Although… perhaps that’s a good thing …

I am also obsessed with Steven Fry’s Podgrams.

If you have any interest in language or even if you don’t –  listen to this. Its the best thing I’ve heard all week.


Wednesdays, No-poo and Ozzy Osbourne.

January 14, 2009


My first attempt at Marie Antoinette hair (for my birthday party squeeeeeeeeee!) was a bit of a bust. In fact I ended up look like Ozzy Osbourne circa 1983 or maybe Kevin Keegan back in the bouff days…

Having all your hair chopped off isn’t exactly conducive to towering 18th century hair but its fabulous on a day to day basis as long as I take the time to style it. If I don’t then its a mullety bob at best.

So, recently Ive been trying to cut down on the amount of chemicals I’ve been putting in to my body. I’m not going to bang on about whys and wherefores but its a decision I’ve made and I’m sticking to it. If you want to read about my exploits into ‘No-Poo’,  Raw Veganism and the decision to … stop washing my face… then you can do so here.

Oh and if your wondering how to channel your inner Marie (especially if your coming to my birthday party of Feb the first (all are welcome!) here’s Galadarling’s tips! Also…take a look here.

Back to Wednesday.

It’s been a funny old week really – In many ways I’ve been terribly motivated but today I have woken up feeling a little deflated . I guess it’s because Mecury is in Retrograde. I’ve woken up today feeling as though I don’t have much to blog about which is surprising because recently I’ve been a wee powerhouse of writing. My latest habit has been going to  Starbucks for an hour and coming up with 5 or 6 pages of bumf, well – I do this on the weekends anyway, during the week my time is consumed by my job. It doesn’t have to be like that though, I think the focus of this week will be on making space for my creative projects around my job.  I’ll let you know how it goes!




Onwards with tuesday…


Or Wednesday even…

Just testing.

Love Mizi Chan xoxoxoxoxo


January Blue

January 12, 2009

Today I cut my hair!

All off! It sits just above my shoulders and currently is in pretty little ringlets! Maybe now its shorter I’ll have curly hair – how awesome would that be?!
The salon was amazing – Ippei my hairdresser trained at Vidal Sassoon in London, he came back to Hiroshima about 6 months ago and he is a legend.
I sat down:
Ippei: “Well, your first impression is that you aren’t cool at all. You’re cute. So I’m going to give you a cute haircut.”
Well Ippei I think you might be one of the most awesome hairdressers in the world and thanks for not giving me a mullet. That always makes me happy
I love it – It did however mean that I had my hair washed – I haven’t really been using shampoo for quite a while in an attempt to reduce the amount of chemicals I’m putting into my body. He was asking about what ‘product’ I used and I flusteredly mumbled something about wax and evaded suspicion.
The whole no chemicals thing, is of course routinely ruined by me drinking buckets of gin but hey ho. One has to try and everyone loves a trier!

Here are some of the Christmas presents I made this year:

Home made embroidered labels in knitwear

Bags, with oil pastel flowers

And lastly Eva sent me a beautifuly wrapped card which made me blissfully happy

Last week passed in a haze. First week back at school, the holidays are a distant memory. I had a pretty awesome week – started learning Katakana, made illustrated to do lists in my planner. Free time is gorgeous at work – i can sit and draw and write in a way I never could do if I had an office job (not that I will ever have one of those ever again! ha!)