January Blue

January 12, 2009

Today I cut my hair!

All off! It sits just above my shoulders and currently is in pretty little ringlets! Maybe now its shorter I’ll have curly hair – how awesome would that be?!
The salon was amazing – Ippei my hairdresser trained at Vidal Sassoon in London, he came back to Hiroshima about 6 months ago and he is a legend.
I sat down:
Ippei: “Well, your first impression is that you aren’t cool at all. You’re cute. So I’m going to give you a cute haircut.”
Well Ippei I think you might be one of the most awesome hairdressers in the world and thanks for not giving me a mullet. That always makes me happy
I love it – It did however mean that I had my hair washed – I haven’t really been using shampoo for quite a while in an attempt to reduce the amount of chemicals I’m putting into my body. He was asking about what ‘product’ I used and I flusteredly mumbled something about wax and evaded suspicion.
The whole no chemicals thing, is of course routinely ruined by me drinking buckets of gin but hey ho. One has to try and everyone loves a trier!

Here are some of the Christmas presents I made this year:

Home made embroidered labels in knitwear

Bags, with oil pastel flowers

And lastly Eva sent me a beautifuly wrapped card which made me blissfully happy

Last week passed in a haze. First week back at school, the holidays are a distant memory. I had a pretty awesome week – started learning Katakana, made illustrated to do lists in my planner. Free time is gorgeous at work – i can sit and draw and write in a way I never could do if I had an office job (not that I will ever have one of those ever again! ha!)


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