Things and stuff and junk innit blood?

January 16, 2009

I have to make a poster for work explaining useful colloquial phrases. I’m thinking of explaining popular contractions. “Innit” and “mofo” are the ranked leaders so far. Any other ideas? I think the little darlings I am (bizarrely) in charge of would benefit greatly nes pas?

I’m obsessed with Regina Spektor:

Is it OK to like her? Is she cool? I’m not sure I care, she’s freaking wonderful!

I am very excited to go to Osaka this weekend…I also can’t wait to have something interesting to write about! I always write so much these days – but none of it seems conceptually developed enough for publishing. Although… perhaps that’s a good thing …

I am also obsessed with Steven Fry’s Podgrams.

If you have any interest in language or even if you don’t –  listen to this. Its the best thing I’ve heard all week.


One comment

  1. maybe you would like Sia if you like Regina. That’s who she reminds me of..


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