Happy Birthday (7 Things)

January 20, 2009
  1. This is my first birthday where I’ve had to go to work. It’s going to be super surreal – just like Christmas was I think.
  2. This is my first birthday in 4 years spent without my best friend. Last year we were in Krakow – drinking weird boiled pork dumplings and drinking beer. I wish he was here, but what can you do eh? i think this time last year I was probably lying in bed with a hangover after going to a dubstep night in an underground club in Krakow Old Town.
  3. I’m 23 – fuck.
  4. It’s light! At 8 am it’s light!!! In the UK and even in Poland it’s always been dark every morning on my birthday but here in Japan it isn’t at all!
  5. So far, I have no presents to open  :(
  6. This weekend I went to Osaka and met some truly awesome people – it’s nice to be reminded that my life is still in its infancy and that I have a world of people to meet and thousands of things left to do.
  7. I’d forgotten what a nice feeling it is to have your feet ache from wearing high heels. Perverselyor no,  I love the sensation. It screams hedonism and good times – two things I’m very fond of.





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