Birthday Musing

January 21, 2009

OK…So…give me a chance here…hear me out:

My life is wonderful and I adore every second of it.

For a naturally pessimistic, some would say proudly embittered girl – this is a pretty strange and uncomfortable thing to say.

There its out of the way now, and before you hit the little grey x in the browser corner – I’m sorry. I know, I know – all this bliss and optomism is sickening isn’t it? But my life is so truly and utterly fantastic. Everything seems suddenly to have fallen into place on this, my 23rd Birthday. I’m a million miles away from those who are so dear to me – but i have never felt your love and affection with such benign acuteness.

Take today for example – I woke up, read some amazing emails and went into work and spent my time with honest, beautiful and gorgeous children – running around like a mad woman and yes, spending 90% of my time pretending to be a Kangaroo. Then I came home and nibbled on nuts whilst dancing around my apartment (in Japan people…IN JAPAN!) in my knickers listening to the Strokes. I’m 23 years old and can pretty much congratulate myself on having achieved a pretty big dream of mine in that short, concise sentence. Then I ate dinner with a fantastic friend, eating Raw is making me feel so so gooooood. Then…THEN! The guys at the Cafe brought out a birthday cake!! Kimichan the sneaky minx (love you) had slyly arranged a brownie with candles, raspberries and ice-cream and my name spelled out in dark chocolate.

I can’t put into words, the sense of sublime optimism I have for this year and i think the fact that I have it is what is going to make it just so fabulous, I’m going to write about positivity and positive thoughts real soon – I’ve been thinking about it a lot. But, I will leave you with this:


Life is sweet

It’s just the question of learning to taste it.


  1. What a fantastic, fantastic birthday! Isn’t it grand to celebrate birthdays abroad? I feel like that is the only way to go.

  2. I think you should put more photos of yourself up! :o) xoxo

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