First Weekend of 23

January 28, 2009

Went to the castle on Sunday to take some pictures because the quality of light was absolutely amazing.

Hiroshima castle is a replica – a fake plastic castle because the original one was destroyed by the bomb blast in ’45. There were kids running around the ruins – which is a good thing I think, for them to play there.

Its strange living in the city centre sometimes and knowing that everything was turned to dust, the building where I live used to be another building and it turned to dust. The grocery store, the dry cleaning place, the park – the castle, the lake. All turned to dust. I never think about it but sometimes it wanders across my mind.

It was my first wekend of being 23 and it felt awesome. I was sick of being 22 to be honest – it felt old hat and rubbish by the end. 23 sits easily with me for some reason.

I had an awesome friend come to stay with me over the weekend. The great thing  bout travelling is the faith it compels you have in people, and the closeness you achieve that takes years in other relationships. I have met people when travelling who I really, really treasure – it doesn’t seem to matter that you won’t ever see them again, or maybe that’s why its so refreshing. All the boring bullshit questions like, “whats your name”, “what did you study at Uni” and “what do you do” aren’t important (not that they are ever really important). Much more important questions are “What shall we eat?” “Oh my God, I love that too – did you try blah blah blah?” and “OK, beer?”.

People react with horror when I tell them about couch surfing. Sure I might one day get fucked over by a couch surfer, be robbed or whatever but …I really don’t think I will. And. I know this makes me sound like a daft hippy but if you put out that nervous energy then its probably a hundred times more likely that you will get screwed over. Trust people and good things happen.

I’m also really frustrated with my photography. I don’t know how to take the photos I want. There are elements in these pictures I want to change. Lighten a branch, add more focus and contrast to one area, soften another area but I don’t know how. I’m sure tutorials out there exist on the goodness of the interwebs but my eyes will begin to bleed if I spend any higher proportion of my time looking at a screen. gah.

P.S You asked for more photos of me – so here is one from last Sunday – chilling out at my friendly neighbourhood castle.


Mizichan xoxoxoxo

One comment

  1. I think your photos are really good, think how much they have improved since your constantly blurred and warped snaps from uni.. ey? exactly.. the first is really good, but the last one is the best! xoxox

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