Birthday Redux

February 5, 2009

Last weekend I had my belated (some would say *ahem* fake) Birthday Party…

I don’t remember much, however a small note to myself is to never get drunk the night before a party whilst in possesion of pink butter icing. I ended up eating one shit load of cake and dying the next day.

Whitney (diamond girl that she is) bought me thsi cracker:

Before the restaurant there was champagne…of sorts. Although, who knew champagne could be German? Nonetheless pink stockings, pearls and Mattchan dressed as the court Jester brought Versailles to life.

Please note the photo wall behind my head. You were all there in Spirit.

I made my own birthday cake…It was a big pink strawberry mess.

It felt totally weird to make my own cake…and throw my own party. But hey, the theme was Versailles and nothing screams 18th Century France more than a healthy does of narcissism.

Although…perhaps the most fun part was dressing my apartment for the party – Let me tell you. Japan does not lend itself to 18th Century French Glamour. But by God I tried.

I went through a phase of eating nothing but western food and having strong desires to be in France or anywhere in Europe.  It lasted a few months – maybe two and most keenly manifested itself as cravings for bread, tea and berets.

It’s strange, the more deeply I feel ‘Japanese’, the more I  come to understand just how much western and specifically European culture is implicit in my self construction. I always considered myself to be totally A-national. But maybe not.

Then came the obligatory Karaoke..A new phenomenon is born: Karaoke Face.

In the past I’ve always discussed Mascara face (in my case mouth open, eyes wide), Orgasm face, drunk face etc but my God Nic and Matt are pulling corkers here. Karaoke is the face to end all faces.

Also, Susan and I were inspired by Kate Bush – We now have our Halloween costumes in the bag.

Around 7am.

To everyone who came – Thank you for making it such a wonderful night.

Especially Whitney – who took delectable photos.

I felt very loved





  1. loving the pink cake!

  2. he he! I know – It was a little messy – I got a little tipsy whilst i was icing..lol…

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