February 14, 2009

Yesterday I took a day off work, which is pretty unheard of when working for my company. I have seen, for example, my Japanese colleagues curled up on the staff room floor with stomach cramps in between their classes. Personally, I have always felt it pretty irresponsible to show up places when you’re sick. Here it’s irresponsible to become sick I suppose. Both have a valid logic – but our polar experience of conditioning makes an interesting contrast.

Sick Days?

Ultimately though, I don’t want your effing virus. Especially if it’s stomach flu. SO small sick children, stay home – drink fluids. Nuff said.

I digress, I took the day off sick. I felt like crap. Real crap. Eventually I ended up being taken to hospital by my manager (again) and going on a drip (again) for a couple of hours. I fell asleep whilst the drip was in and felt about a billion times better afterwards. I guess I was majorly dehydrated. The Doctor tried to give me antibiotics after explaining to me that it was a virus…

Hopefully something got lost in translation, because last time I checked – viruses weren’t affected by antibiotics mate. I refused them because I have a problem with antibiotics anyway – I try to not take them at home because they are amazing and when I used to suffer from chronic tonsillitis their effect was miraculous. I felt better in a matter of hours and in no way do I want to diminish their effect by becoming resistant. In Japan, the dosage and course length are considerably smaller than those I was prescribed at home. I was being prescribed antibiotics for my skin last year and they were for two days. I really regret taking them now and hope I haven’t compromised their ability to work on me when i return to the dosage I’m used to.

 It was eerie – lying in a darkened room watching the drip bag above me catch the hallway lights. The hospital was technically closed because the 11th of February was a National Holiday. I have no idea why they admitted me to the ward, God Bless the Japanese sense of duty of foreigners because i was dying beforehand.

Snot Bag Children

In fact I get pretty enraged when Kids turn up for their English lessons looking like death, sneezing, dripping snot everywhere and coughing all over me. Enraged at the parents that is – but to be honest being a parent is so knackering that if I had the chance I would probably palm my kids off at any available opportunity.

Attempted Womb-Re entry

Kids do this really weird thing when they’re sick – bless them, they have no clue what they want. They throw down everything that’s given to them – cling to their Mothers whilst hitting them – basically they express fully how every human feels inside when they’re confused and sick – but children are wonderful because they express every shade of their emotions. And this feeling – sick, confused and pissed off prompts the bizarre movement which can only be described as attempted womb re-entry. They push, push push at their Mother, climbing, wriggling and pressing their hot little heads into their Mum’s belly.

And I’m all – Dude. I so know how you feel right now. Let’s Nap.

(And don’t tell anyone this…but sometimes we do just that)

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