Oysters, Zonked and Bush

February 18, 2009

Check it out:

I got bored last week and embroidered tiny trees on all my underwear. It’s good practice. I bought an embroidery ring a few weeks ago and I want to get really, really good. It might take a while.

Please feel free to make jokes about Bush.

Last weeks trip to the hospital seems like a very distant dream now. A whole day off – if I hadn’t been so effing sick I would have really enjoyed it. It’s no secret I’m struggling with work at the moment. During classes I’m finding it easier to bring energy and commitment to my teaching. Its really just the few minutes before hand that are a problem.

I’d rather be sewing…

But right now. I am here and there is no point being anywhere else :)

The Oyster festival was last weekend – It was awesome. Beer plus Oysters make Mizi drunk but their supposed aphrodisiac effects were not felt. Not one jot.

 Japan has not been kind to this single girl. I’ve had about as much action as a small shrivelled Granny from Warrington, who fantasises wildly about her GI war time boyfriend while feeding her cats. That’s the persona I have come to inhabit. It’s a terribly positive thing. Being without men (boys) has been eye opening. I had no idea how to change a light bulb or a vacuum cleaner bag. That’s really quite pathetic, and pretty symbolic.

Anyway. Granny from Warrington. That’s now me – so fresh Miajima Oysters don’t even have an effect on me and my withered loins.

OK. TMI. But you get the point.


  1. Mariah, darling, it’s beautiful.

    We need to further discuss my upcoming visit.
    Will you sew me something in anticipation so I’m bound to my word?

  2. nice bush love!

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