March 2, 2009

Yesterday was spent  being moody and picking my way through Hiroshima. Never fear, despite my bitter mood I was  working on a top secret art project from underneath my small black cloud:


I went to some shitty bakery first – but it was depressing. Dead food and dead coffee is depressing. My raw food intake has been seriously lacking recently and as a consequence my head is feeling cloudy and my creative energies are as clogged as my pores. ha.

That was quite a funny joke.


I’m working super hard on my ability to write text in an interesting way at the moment…My life is covered in illustrated text. From my planner through to the giant letters I have on my wall. What do you think? This is some text for my latest project.

However, I ended up in “Yesterday” Cafe, a Beatles themed cafe, which only plays Beatles music and is covered in Union Jack Flags and  displays proudly it’s American hot dogs. Hot dogs seem to be very popular in Japan. Their pink, tepid and phallic little tips peep out from the  Dotour, Kohican and Tullys shop fronts.

No one seems to mind they’re feeding their child a delicious mix of offal and sawdust.

It feels divine to sit in a place like this:


… cutting and sticking and drawing and planning …and…plotting.

I do a lot of plotting in the Cafes of Hiroshima.

 The Beatles soothed my tired, cranky brain (they always do :) ) and I busied myself with my project. I can’t think how to best illustrate the look of shock and surprise on peoples faces when they notice a large, make-up free gaijin propped up in the corner, wearing a jeans and a T shirt, covered in glue, ink and a frown.


Despite the day’s relative creative successes, it was a moody day. I listened to Radiohead and REM all day and scowlled at passersby like one of the disgruntled teenagers I teach…

Then – On impulse…I brought a Hula Hoop…lol.

And things got about a billion times better!

I spent the rest of the day listening to Infected Mushroom, stripped down to my bra and leggings hula hooping my ass off.

Look at this girl! She is amazing!!!

So, if your feeling blue. Go try a little bit of hula hooping! It’s proper excelent fun


Mizi chan




  1. Hey Mizi! You sound like you’re having a Amazing time and the pictures are brilliant! We will definately have to have a get together when you’re home. If you’re coming?!! ;-)


  2. I love that video!!! lol xx

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