48 Days…

March 5, 2009

Am unbelievably, utterly and ecstaticly excited:

The sky outside is big and blue, the sun is shining, I wore flip flops to go and buy some groceries this morning. I love flip flips – they rock any outfit – if I did’nt have calf  muscles that rival an England Scrum Half I would wear them with everything.  However, flip flops are not my only source of joy this morning! It is now a mere 48 days until my wonderful Mum and Dad arrive in Japan!

I think I could only be more excited if you told me Steven Fry had insisted on coming to  live with me to  read me filthy Oscar Wilde quotes and be my personal thesaurus for the rest of my life. 

Then it would still be a stiff competition.

Of course when my friends speak to visiting, I am as equally thrilled – but also a little apprehensive and nervous. What if, by by a combination of negligence and loneliness, I have  become a really sucky person? What if wit has deserted me, what if youth and beauty are no longer my friends? what if; what if; what if… The weight of these theories press upon me with a strength equal to my excitement.

When people come to visit, i have a tendency to over think these things  and it all becomes a little bit epic – the piling up of past with present…different selves confronted with older ways and habits. And the terrifying possibility that they will turn around and call me out on being rubbish at life. Objectively this would be a wonderful opportunity to grow and change and blah blah blah, but most importantly – subjectively, the prospect is terrifying.

But my Mum and Dad? They have to love me…they bloody made me! In many ways I am a direct extension of their ego, so that they have to give me a big thumbs up even if I am an anti-social cat woman of epic proportions these days:


Mum and Dad will be so proud!


Ah … they’re going to be *so* proud.


So I am looking forward to it with abandon, I literally get giddy thinking about hugging my Mum and walking around holding my Dad’s hand and getting to show them all the amazing things I’ve seen and the lovely things I’ve done.


Plus…Happy Music for a Happy Girl





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