Hiking; Steak and Acne

March 11, 2009

Life, of late, has been prefaced, themed and evidenced by change and growth.

I feel terribly blessed that the Universe (in all her bastard infinite wisdom) has seen fit to illustrate this period of growth and change with a physical manifestation of internal processes. Almost a second chance at being a teenager…

In a way it’s  like each little zit is it’s own perfect metaphor.


Actually, that’s a big pile of bollocks. It’s shite being spotty.

Facetiousness aside – I have acne for the first time in my life and man…I got it good. My Mother asked me to count how many spots I had and yesterday at the last count it was 38…

I waver between feeling pretty desperate about the situation, to actually feeling upbeat and positive. Perhaps my task is to find out how to be happy with a face that resembles a fresh Neapolitan and a body that resembles dough balls. That may well be it. The nut that needs to be cracked so to speak. Regardless, its safe to say my look is becoming characterised by by all things bread based. Tiny, muffin soft hands – jowls like custard buns and a bottom that looks decidedly bloomer themed.

This weekend I went hiking.


I followed the usual path I take up Ushita Yama to the peace Pagoda, once we reached that summit, however we moved from peak to peak across the horseshoe of mountains that circle the north east part of the city. From the highest summit, to the left one could see Ujina and Miajima, to the right one could see yokogawa and the expressway out of the city.

It was quite beautiful.


It was also liberating; my lungs felt filled, my thighs and hips ached from work and my hands became dirtied from scrabblings amid the rocks and ferns.


The forest once again, was hung heavily in silence. Occasionally the sounds of the street cars from the valley below were caught on the wind and made it up to our ears, but the thick slices of quiet pressed down on us from either side of our path. The silence was muffling, soft and feathery,  we lay out on the rocks, nestled into hollows filled with leaves and basically, thoroughly indulged in some nature porn.


I am incredibley lucky ot live right in the centre of the city. I have access to anything, day and night. Fancy playing Zombie shoot ’em ups at 3 am? The arcade is right  down my street. Want a coffee? There’s 24 hour restaurants a block away. It’s easy to live here and I enjoy being in  the centre of things. However, the streets are never quiet, never silent. I regularly wake up at 4 am to the sound of screaming sirens from the trinagle of hospitals that surround me. So the silence is welcoming and soothing.

Also, I think I may be in love with this band:

Lord I wish I could sing like him…

Love Mizichan



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  1. aw, I’m sure the Naples community have lovely faces. hope it works out for ya!

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