Deliriously Happy (But I haven’t met you yet)

March 13, 2009


You have no idea how utterly strange, alien and bizarre this coin looks to me, now.

Coins with holes in them? Okay, completely normal…but the recolection of hexagons, two tone and tiny mini 5 pence pieces look utterly weird.





In fact it’s no exaggeration to say its like looking at photographs of your family a couple a generations back. Recognising familiar shapes, shades and moments but feeling quite removed from them.

‘Hiking, Steak and Acne’

Just realised there was no mention of steak in my lats post entitled ‘Hiking, Steak and Acne’. I guess I set off with a vague sense of purpose when i sit down to blog – but it rarely comes out the way I intend it to…My mind wanders and I get lost, going on ad nauseum about something quite unimportant.

So, just to let you know – this baby is going to be structured. It’s terribley frustrating to read stream of conciousness, even James Joyce can be a bit of a challange at times… So, today, aside from the musings on money there will be an explanation of bliss, then a Trieste on cake, and am I being a yuppy (not a puppy :() will feature heavily.

So, Deep breath:

Bliss:It’s only FORTY ONE DAYS until mi Mam and Dad get here and I am buzzzzzzzzzzzing like a bee, yo. They are going to be here and I’m going toget  a huge hug, an actual real hug where no one feels uncomfortable or slightly unable to breathe. I am looking forward to that more than anything. It’s going to totally be about regression.  I will sit on me Mam’s knee and just be hugged.  I thank God my family is so wonderful and tactile and unafraid. I’m twenty three now (sob) and we still hold hands when we go shopping and I still get a hug goodnight when I’m at home. It will be like plunging my head into a water bucket after climbing a mountain :)

Cake:Today I walked the few blocks to my local bakery. The girl who works behind the counter always seems to be on the point giggling as she  serves me. She steals shy glances from underneath her fringe and ridiculous white bakers’ cap.  She knows my Japanese isn’t too hot and weirdly for Japan, she actually speaks really slowly and clearly because of this. For the most part I haven’t seen anyone in service jobs modulating their speed or tone for foreigners. So I really appreciate her thoughtfulness. I bought a bag of Vanilla sponge cake/muffin things. Three small cakes cost 140 Yen, which is I guess £1.03 according to xe.com, they were delicious … my addiction to baked goods is waning slightly.

Nico, my ex co worker told me once that my relationship with food would get weird whilst I was here. In turns embracing addictive Japanese foods like edamame and Udon and then not being able to eat them for months at a time. I think, because these foods – Western and Japanese become linked to feelings of home and abroad they become caught up in the flux of emotions i feel about being here/being home. Staying/leaving  and ultimately – soft, safe familiarity and devastatingly scary newness. Sometimes I embrace the new, sometimes it’s just a wee bit too terrifying and difficult.

When I moved here first, breakfast was a soyjoy and a vending machine coffee…then in Hiroshima it became miso and rice for a long time…then fruit and peanut butter…then yogurt. Then around December, when I got homesick again it was back to toast and tea. religiously. Then the New Year Heralded smoothies and coffee and right now I am in a coffee phase. Coffee and anything…everything…I find myself fantasising about my next cup of Tonyu Latte and where it’s coming from.

Such an effing Yuppy: I used to be an inverse snob about coffee…my best friend Robert introduced me to the certain pleasures of a bad cup of filter coffee, drank down with a cigarette and an air of snobbery. We spent a lot of time in cafes, drinking black filter coffee because – hey – we were poverty ridden students. Now I pay £2.80 for what is in reality a UK small size latte. It’s sweet and fluffy and thoroughly shameful. I cant even remember how much coffee costs in the UK (just like i cant remember what a 50p looks like…) but that seems a bit steep. I am a yuppy bastard … shelling out for an overpriced fancy ass coffee because yes, its probably the most exciting thing that will happen to me all morning…

Wee Treat for you:

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