Art; Bombs and a quick catchup.

March 29, 2009


Not been up to much – my job has been keeping me busy.

The academic year is ending and next week I get a completely new schedule of classes and students which means I should prepare for crying, awkward silences and probably actually having to lesson plan again.

Damn it.

Other than that – I’ve been thinking about leaving Hiroshima and how difficult it is going to be. For a long time I was counting the days til I could leave – I hated the job, hated the city – was depressed and just wanted to leave. Now…quite the opposite is (of course) the case, as it always is with me. I really enjoy my time here –  waking early, writing, drawing, taking pictures, eating amazing food. It’s fun. Instinctively I know that in December/November – it’s going to be time to leave, but it will be hard to do so.

That’s all.

Last weekend I went tot he Museum of Contemporary Art, here in Hiroshima. It currently features an exhibition focusing on the strange landscapes of Asian Folklore.  A pretty amazing exhibition – I am a starer when it comes to art. I take absolutley ages to get around art galleries. I remember when I saw Guernica in Madrid with my best friend I spent about 45 minutes just staring and staring and luckily he is patient and kind and happy to wander alone but he was begging to go get some water after a while.

The exhibition was good, but one of the exhibits was really poorly displayed. A series of photographs of the sky and birds were just terrible… The lighting meant that each framed print functioned as a mirror…Reflecting a thousand dim images of the room back at me. Maybe it was on purpose – I don’t know but it was bloody frustrating.

So are some screen caps of what is probably my favorite artist, his name is Qui Anxiong.

His short film ‘The New Book of Mountains and Seas’ is based around the inked landscapes, prevalent in Chinese and Japanese art. He however, animates it – water flows, bushes spring up and die and are reborn again.


Into these very traditional images, which seep across the screen,  weird creatures edge awkwardly into shot, injecting the earth with something, putting down roots, sucking something up…


In this dessert shot, scorpions behave like radar …


These strange, mechanised monsters tear across the screen, devouring. Cities build up, collapse and regenerate in 30 seconds


Even though the creature is utterly bizarre and surreal – look at the inked buildings in the background – the style still retains that definite inked Asian-art feel. wonderful.

So if you get a chance – go…





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