Interesting day back home another perfect day right here …

April 2, 2009


A lot of wankers being wankers in this video…Which is surprising because it is probably heavily editedby the leftist guardian…Think how wanky they must be in real life.

A lot of sentiments I hold very dear to me being parroted by nonces in daft hoods.

But then again…if I had been penned in and not allowed to leave unless my photograph and name were taken…I’d be pretty effing pissed off too.

There now, vague allusion to politics over – back in the un-world of my Japanese life, I spent the morning sketching Sakura trees…again. I’ve been going every morning for the past few days – They are really hard to draw, bloody blossoms spilling out everywhere – but so achingly beautiful I can forgive them.

Today an old man came up to me and asked if he could look at my drawing – he said lots of things in Japanese and I agreed, he was gesturing at the tree and giving me advice I suppose. Then, with a bow and an order to “Gambatte Kudasi” he was off.


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