Craig David; Effing Deer and Sunshine…Pure Unadulterated Sunshine.

April 6, 2009

Oh Craig David…Why are you always everywhere? I swear to God, Craig David always pops up at the most opportune of moments. Today, I was buying a new necklace charm in a hippy shop when suddenly he was, mixed between the South American Inca music . Get out of my head and out of Japan Mr David.

I’ve been moderately hungover all day – was out last night until 4 am again…it’s fun at the time but then afterwards I feel like crap. Hangovers in Japan basically mean me, sat in my apartment feelings like crying all day because everything seems so bleak and horrid and pointless. Drinking. gah. Alcohol is surely one of the worst drugs in the world for making you depressed. I attempted to heal myself by spending 2 hours asleep in the castle gardens – rolling over occasionally to put a new record on my ipodor brush the falling Sakura petals from my nose. It did the job – and more than that, going out to dinner with my friends did an even more cracking job of cheering me up. They are, quite frankly, Fantastic.

Hanami on Miajima was beautiful:


The trees were so beautiful. We made our way up from the Bay into Momiji Danji Park and settled on a spot next to a tiered waterfall. The sunshine had warmed the rocks underfoot and we spread out, stripped down to T Shirts, bare armed and happy. 

I had my shoes and socks off in…oh…I reckon about thirty seconds and went down to the waters edge to move from stone step to stone step across the water. Sometimes words fail – I can’t even begin to tell you how full my heart felt.  Rushes of happiness kept rolling over me and and the combination of beer and sunshine and warm friendship made me so happy.

That’s all I can really say about it.

In other news….a bloody dear ripped two pages out of my sketchbook while I was drawing the Sakura and I had to chase the little bugger all over the park to get the bloody things back. I was aghast! In shock! I couldn’t believe the audacity of the bastard. Still, eventually I managed to get the pages back and maybe they give those skecthesa little character that was originally missing.

 I stared up through the branches of the Sakura trees today and listened to Bob Dylan and missed all my lovely friends who are back home. It felt like a terribly lonely thing to be doing; staring and listening and sleeping  so i rolled over onto my belly and tried to take some close shots of the fallen Sakura that littered the ground.


It was another perfect day, wish you could have shared it with me,





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