Plum Rains…梅雨…

July 1, 2009


I’m wet and I smell that smell again. The wet dog, damp duffel-jacket, moldy bathroom smell of dirty rain water in a dirty city. Only thing is, am I in Belfast? No – I’m not. I’m living in a country where, to be honest, it hasn’t really rained since I arrived apart from when I’ve been drunk. And there’s nothing as awesome as being tiddled in Monsoon rains, wearing flip flops and being flippant.

Wednesday mornings spent biking to el Doctor, one hand clutching mi Brolley and the other on the left handle bar (my pinky finger tentativley hooked over the break) are quite a different thing. They’re just shit.

The old doctor is a strange chap – he speaks very good English but insists on speaking to me mostly in Spanish (aha! My Olive complexion must have him fooled…) and patting my tummy at intervals as he calls me “amigo”. Extra weight in Japan takes on the status of public property it seems. Everyone is quite at liberty to pat and giggle, its the same with penises too.  It used to horrify me when I first arrived (one year ago on Sunday), but now such things no longer bother me much. One positive change has been my amazing ability to ignore everything that’s going on around me and carry on regardless. Yes I am in Japan, soaked to my skin in a doctor’s office wearing nothing but a Mickey Mouse towel having my tummy rubbed by a bearded Japanese bloke who affectionately calls me amigo, but am I bothered?

 Ha! I’ve coped with more. 

The Doctor is treating me for the mad crazy acne I seem to have developed since I moved here, he’s given me this herbal coffee to take 3 times a day and it’s mad stuff – It usuallymakes me shake and feel a little light headed but my dear amigo insists that just means it’s working, speeding up my peristalsis and internal machinations and whatnot. I’m much happier taking it then I was taking the shite my dermatologist prescribed me…I don’t know if it’s just him or a Japanese approach to medicine but I left my dermatologist with 4 packs of pills: antibiotics, sulphur supplements, Vitamin B12 and some other shit I don’t even know…PLUS 3 creams and a bottle of liquid sulphur.

The doctor says my acne is caused by the fact that non of my organs are really working…which is always  massively comforting, visiting a doctor in a foreign country is always great: Languagebarrier + doctoral inability to empathise = mad fun.  SO I’m off to drink some  more coffee and try and get some of my systems back on-line.


Mizi-chan xoxoxoox

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