Itchy Feet

July 9, 2009

In England, when the sun finally peaks out the streets are flooded with people and the  kinetic energies this creates lends to the summer, a tremendous sense of movement.

Well that’s how it always felt to me any way, and it fostered a terrible sense of wanderlust every time. Wanting to move, to change, to go somewhere…anywhere.  Last weekend, the sun was out so I headed out to central park in Hiroshima and i was really shocked…I was the only person there!  The huge green fields spread out on either side of me and apart from the occasional pedalling Granny no one came to the park at all.

I suppose it’s the last few days of bargain season at the moment so a lot of people were snapping up the last few half-off trilbies, romper suits and gladiator sandals that have been piled up in bargain bins but still…it shocked me.  I guess the sun is no luxury here – it shines plentifully and happily so why take the time to revel in it.

Well, revel in it I did. And maybe it was the vitamin D but since then a horrific energy has settled into my stomach – I want to move and I can’t because I made the choice to stay here for longer. As much as I love my life, I am and always have been ruled by the impulse to move – to go, to take action and do something. And making the choice to do the reverse is a little hard for me.

One Year Anniversaries (in addition) make this all that much harder… The Cicadas are screeching again. The heat is billowing around the buildings again, I’m counting down the days to Obon again.

Of course all this moaning makes one ask, why the bloody hell did you stay if you were only going to moan about it.

Well – friendship, finances and not having anything else to do all rank highly up there…So I will try to stay motivated and keep at it. 

Work, exercise, pass out, wake up. rinse. repeat.


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