Riding home at 5 am…

July 22, 2009

…is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful feeling.

Last night I rode home from Whitney’s place, we had a movie night, we watched the Life Aquatic which was sad and visually very intriguing…I had never watched a Wes Andersen movie until recently when I rented the Royal Tennembaums which in turn was enjoyable but also a little hard to get into…Probably because when I watch movies on my Laptop I inevitabley end up farting around on facebook like the big media twat I am.

ANYWAY. I especially loved the David Bowie covers that were threaded through the movie’s narrative and I really, really wanted to listen to David Bowie as I was biking home. But, alas – my Ipod is Bowieless, so I pressed shuffle and let my music take me where it would.

  I was sweating my balls off the whole journey home, I keep getting these crazy fevers and dizzy spells. Friday night I woke up certain there was an earthquake because everything was shaking. There was of course no earthquake. When I woke, there was non of the usual uncomfortable feeling of being dredged  out from a lake, my lids flicked open easily and I was sat up on my futon wondering what the eff was happening in half a second. It got me thinking about consciousness and my brain in general. The conscious thought producing part of my brain really represents only a fraction of what my brain can do.  I have always marvelled at the automatic quality of breathing, temperature regulation and a thousand other physical processes that constantly keep me on this side of death.This time it was different. The tiny sliver of synaptic pathways that make up ‘me’  were completely shut down, but a conscious(unconscious)  remainder convinced my body that the room was shaking and and pulled me from the shallow waters of sleep to readiness without me even being aware of it.

Crazy stuff and worse still it took me bloody ages to nod off again ad when my alarm went off (hideous thing that it is)  it felt as if treacle had been poured into my lungs and grey sludge choked my eyes. nice.

Anyway, back to my five am bike ride. These thoughts were wandering across my mind as I biked home, it takes about half an hour from Ujina to Hacchobori, following the eastern most river as it phases inland and west. It’s a cool path, breezey and quite beautiful (apart from the stench…the river is tidal…) and listening to music: radiohead, Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire, Espers, The Cinematic Orchestra and others of that ilk  waves of freedom and happiness rolled over me. I sang a long out loud feeling very pleased with myself. Sticking my tongue out at people who stared at me (knobs) and feeling in general like I was right where i should be (hm…on the move or in Hiroshima…not sure which yet?).

I thought about sexuality, gender, what flip flops I wanted to buy tomorrow and how yummy Whitney’s Salad dressing was. All the things that a typical in my life here.


I have to go now, I’m getting a headache and my apartment is begging to be cleaned. We’ll have to see which one takes priority.


Mizi-chan xoxoxoxo


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