One Day…Just one little day!

August 7, 2009

I am going to Tokyo in one day!!!

I blummin love Tokyo…It’s just as freaking cool as everyone thinks it is. I’m glad I live in Hiroshima, I think it’d be pretty easy to lose your soul in Tokyo…In fact it took a hefty chucnk of mine last Obon (Oh the craziness…)

Not only am I going to Tokyo, but I am going to see Caroline Sophie Mary Pilkington and Alice LeStrange Herring. I am going to bawl when I see them and they probably will cry too because we do love each other ever such a lot!

The past couple of weekends … I’ve been heading off to the beach and vegetating. It’s cheap. It’s relaxing and it reminds me why I am here. No chance of popping off to the beach every weekend if  I was living in Blighty *shudders at the thought*.



I like to go with this girl…because even though this photo suggests otherwise…she’s shown me the pleasure and joy of being single and having an absolute blast.  And she let’s me play around with her camera and shown me how it works.


This chap has his moments too…


Whitney took these ones … cracking shots.


I do love it when small children arrange themselves in such photogenic ways!


I don’t tan but I do get reeeeeeeeeeeally super freckley!!!


Life is lovely, really warm, but fine.

It’s going to be fine.

I can feel it in my waters!


 I also appear to have become a red-head in the sun!

Love as always



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