August 24, 2009

I woke up this morning at 5 am and watched the sunrise.

Then, I rode to the park:

I spent the day in the park, reading my book, watching the dragonflies (which are as thick as my middle finger ) fight it out amongst themselves for the sunniest perches. One dragonfly was hatching from his chrysalis and was struggling and struggling to get out. He couldn’t find anything  solid to use as leverage. He just kept pulling the twigs and leaves and dusts up  and then arching his wet back trying to turn around and find another way out.

So. I put him on the tree root I was curled up against but it frightened him so much that he wouldn’t come out, so I left him there to get on with it in his own time.

Children ran through the grass with brand new nets, looking for bugs to catch and a load of high school boys piled under my tree and talked baseball tactics before heading out from under the branches to play a game.

I went home and watched Big Fish and drew and puzzled over last night’s dreams some more.

I illustrated a moment from the book I’m currently reading. If you can guess the book’s name you win a prize.


The script reads:  “Here and now boys.” I can’t decide if I like the yellow in the leaves or not.

Then, after I was finished I changed into shorts and my trainers and headed back up the mountain to watch the sunset, I left my apartment at 17: 25 and was at the big rock above the shrine by 18:04, I think I actually ran up the mountain… so much so that as I was going up, my ears kept popping with the altitude! I was nearly at the vomiting stage by the time I got up there. Seriously, seriously knackered so I sprawled out. The rock was still warm. I prepared myself for the sunset BUT…BUT I started itching. I’d forgotten my bug spray, like the fool I am, and had been eaten alive as I’d climbed through the forest. Bite upon bite upon bite and in the most uncomfortable of places. Sufficed to say my arse is seriously itchy.

You can make out the mountinous islands that litter the Inland Sea in the background, and check out the huge, huge clouds too – I love living so close to the ocean.

So nearly as quickly as I went up, I came down. Which was probably a good idea – it was already gloomy on the ascent but coming down I had to watch my footing in the dark and I slipped a few times on heaped bodies of dead cicadas.  So, my sunset looked like this:


I came back, made pasta with two cloves of garlic (ah! the joys of single life!). Now I’m curled up, writing this and listening to music, Joanna Newsom, Emiliana Torrini and Devandra. Pretty perfect day really, been a long time coming too.





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