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Ah ha ha ha ha!

September 30, 2009

Fancy seeing a preview of the BOOK a short story of mine was published in?

Well, if you do – go here.

And if you’re mad and want to pay twenty five pounds you can buy it here.

I am going to go roll around in a little glut of possitivity and happiness for a few seconds before going to work!


Thing i learnt in Japan #2 Laughter is infectious …

September 28, 2009

Not humour, not a general sense of joviality – oh no. From the deep belly laughs of a group to the polite titter of a work function laughter itself has an incredible ability to catch and I usually find myself giggling into my Nabe with no clue about what is actually being said.

Point in case:

My Japanese is basic … very, very basic … I know the important stuff – “Feed me” “This” “That” and “Where” are  the mainstays really … So when I go out drinking with my work colleagues I without fail end up utterly lost in a literal sense. Socially though,  I end up having a whale of a time, completely clueless about what is actually being said…

 The more Nama (beer)  everyone inhales the more pissed they get (rapidly) and the faster and more colloquial their Japanese becomes.

Accordingly, the more vodka I down (racing through them because no one is talking to me) the more pissed I get in my own little world. I am going to miss that. Not having to make conversation, just propped up in my own little vodka-soaked world, letting the evening slide by me and swaying gently from side to side. Drunk. Isolated. And happy.

And giggling.

At just the right moments. It’s like a 6th sense, the social sense. It takes over and I laugh in the right places, my ear unconsciously listening to the gaps and pauses, the rise and fall of speech, because I have no freaking clue what is actually going on.


In a way, I’m really happy I didnt learn more Japanese. It’s like losing a sense and finding that the others suddenly heighten. I lost the ability to speak but I’ve learnt a shit load about people in return.

P.S I went to Jen’s birthday party as the Solar System: I painted ten balls with glitter and decorated them with beads and hung them from my dress! It was so, so much fun.


Love loads,

Mizi Moo xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Huh? What? WHAT?!

September 25, 2009


A TARGET advert Pearl Jam? Really!?

Very mad at you right now. Get back to me when you get your balls back…


2 months eleven days …

September 24, 2009

so short …

1 month 12 days til my next and final holiday …

So if you are coming to see  me you had better make it soonish!


I nearly DIED today after being attacked by a snake (but please don’t tell my Mum!)

September 23, 2009

So… go on then, guess the circumference of Miyajima Island? Go on..have  a stab:

8 km?

10 km?

15 km??? Surely not!?

Off. Way off.


It is NINETEEN painful and sweaty miles all the way around.

So how did this happen? How did I find myself alone, sweating (I cannot emphasise enough how much sweating occurred) jumping around like a crazed woman in a forest, alone and sweating (did I mention the sweating!?) on a narrow ocean sided precipice being scared shitless by what must have been a freaking NEST of snakes.

Well,  as we all know I have a penchant for going off on my own so today dawned and I shortened my trousers (hurrah for new trousers!) and headed out to the train station. Today was one of those days when you need to travel and I ended up on Miyajima. 

I love Miyajima. Actually, I love the food they sell on the street at Miyajima…


Gorgeous, gorgeous creation sold by street vendors…gloopy rice grains barbecued, with a barbequed oyster on top dipped in Nama Shoyu. From where I like to sit and munch, you can actually see the oyster beds they come from. Yum.


This leaf shaped creation is actually mashed fish on a stick, I got mine with more Oysters chopped up and then the whole thing is deep fried for about thirty seconds. It’s so weird … At home food that comes on a stick is usually sweet. Candy floss, toffee apples … you know?! But on Miyajima everyone wanders around with fabulous Octopus legs on sticks and offal and such.



Fantastic food plus great view usually makes me a happy, happy girl! Actually I’m a happy girl all the time these days which is why I was so upset that my mood was so blue, I just felt in pain today and the effing crowds were pissing me off. Then  I noticed all the kids whizzing by me on bikes!

A BIKE RIDE AROUND THE ISLAND! What could be more awesome!?

SO off I went and rented Ms. Goh Ban.


So I cycled off. And kept going. Stopping occasionally to fling rocks off cliffs, wipe all the sweat (did I mention the sweat?) out of my eyes and run around the trees with the deer.  I know.  But a tarot card told me to embrace my inner animal energy.



Riding a bike, is  amazing. You push, push, push up a hill because it’s too tough to cycle but then you get to whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzz down. Waxing lyrcal the whole time about hill metaphors  I honestly kept expecting the road to suddenly open up into west Hatsukaichi.

But it didn’t.

It just didn’t. I went past beautiful beaches, Shrines, Islands, rocky outcrops but it just didnt end. All I could see was forest, the narrow winding road and occasional glimpses of the sea.

Eventually I came to this beach, and this beautiful shrine that faces out into the Ocean.



Yeah, it was freaking beautiful. I took off my shoes and laid in the sand and picked out the best shells and poked a HUGE dead eel with a big stick I found. Great times.




Shortly after this I accidently rode through a gate, left open by a road crew.

The fuckers.

I wondered why the forest suddenly seemed to encroach on the road so, but the road seemed so new, so fresh, so springy under my wheels. I was so tired by this point. I had been riding for 3 hours on a bike with no gears and only a single bottle of water but I kept pushing on. I hate going back on myself you see …

Then came Le Snake. It was on a steep, steep incline … I was off my bike, pushing away, back bent over and sweating. When my wheels must have hit some snakes shagging or having a fucking tea party or I don’t know what the hell they were doing but ARGH.  I’d never seen a snake until today and seriously, disturbing a pile of them with your wheel and dancing round them like a maniac whilst nearly wobbling over a cliff edge into the OCEAN does not the best introduction make. I have terrible balance. I am thanking Jesus, Thor and Allah for seeing fit to not send me over that cliff.

So snakes. Fucking snakes.  I had to keep going, I’d been riding for nearly 3 and a half hours when suddenly the road stopped.





I actually took this photo a long time before all this happened because I was too scared to take photos after this point. I laugh now, but at one point I nearly properly lost it from panic.

I could not believe it. This meant at LEAST 3 hours back. Which would mean the bike place would be shut and I’d be stuck all night. With a bike. On Miyajima and oh did I mention the SNAKES AND THE SWEATING.

Until… I noticed … a small truck and a digger.

Sufficed to say, I threw the bike into the hedge and ran up to the road crew and threw myself on the mercy of a very confused construction worker and somehow I managed to say in Japanese that I was lost and would he please take me back.

Funny thing is if you had been with me would I have been more worried about asking than getting home? Probably. But I wasn’t, I was on my own and he did take me back.

Whatsmore I managed to have a decent yet potato centred conversation (in Japanese) wit on the drive back round to the front of the Island. I can’t even begin to explain the potatoes. I was tired. He was apolagetic for leaving the gate open. We talked about potatoes happily until a racoon DOG jumped out in front of the van and we swerved to avoid it. Miyajima went all Pom Poko on my ass. I have wanted to see one of these for so long and i did, I told you to be careful what you wished for.


Expect prosaic analysis of what all this MEANS tomorrow. Now I’m off for a hot bath and a cup of tea.

Speaking of tea.

I chugged these three huge bottles all in one sitting as soon as I got back.


All the love in the world,

Mizi xoxoxoxoxox



So it goes

September 16, 2009

Maybe it’s the end of things that’s showing me how very happy I am?  … I’m lying on my stinky floor in the darkness… my glass doors thrown open.  Neon signs flashing, Drunken salary men yelling down below, traffic racing by and  autumn blowing my curtains  wide.

It’s perfect!

I have nothing tangible, no one is thinking of me, no drama is happening, I’m essentially alone (for tonight) and will be until I open my eyes tomorrow morning but it’s more than enough.

Man, someone is going to have to break out the hemp trousers again because I am a daft fucking hippy. Aint two ways about it. I need to go do something respectable like buy an over priced latte or wrangle over which set of stackable miniature coffee tables to purchase with my next fat paycheck. 


Oh Eddie… this video is so so gash, what were you thinking?  Actually here is a much better one, same soundtrack

I listened to this album when I worked the job of death at Nestle and prayed and prayed and prayed that Amity would hire me so I could just fucking leave. I just had this compulsion to move. Keep moving. I didn’t want to get away from anything. I just had to move and couldn’t because I was always between the same four walls. I wanted to play at being alone I think, like we all do when we finish up the giant glut of selfish communality that is Uni.

Don’t even try to ask me how that worked out because I still have no clue how to tell my arse from my elbow, but the crazy need to move – I’m lucky that I can satiate it now. Not neccisarily by physical travel but by some funny things I learnt to do over the past 18 months. Like write it all down. Tell it to your best friend. Find quiet empathy in other (smarter) people’s words. Be alone. And if you need to move – then move. Find the place you’re looking for next to a river or in a 24 hour coffee place full of hunched over middle aged men or in the cool side of your pillow  either way, get it out of yourself. Look at it. Then pull it back in.

And on that note. Off to bed.


Mizi xo xo xo xo xo xo


Bangs, fringe, Kami…Whatever they are they’re fluffy but awesome

September 9, 2009





I love Japanese haircuts!