September 1, 2009

…is my internet browser spontaneously closing 15 minutes from the end of Princess Mononoke.

gr. argh. garf…

I am having to resist the urge to throw said computer into the broken washing machine with the broken bloody rice cooker and the bollocksed up hairdryer, switching the lot on and letting them fight it out for supremacy of  who FAILS THE MOST. Japan – you are supposed to be the land of functioning and superior  electronics and appliances. Poor show Japan. Poor show.

Watching…reminded me…Walking in the forests of Japan is undeniably walking through a Miyazaki fairy tale. Hurrah for moving to Japan! 


And there’s no point in denying that sometimes these guys pop up when you find yourself on a mountain top


But  you never know if it’s an overactive imagination or the umeshu vapours still stinging your eyes. You never know.

Also, I swear I walked here last Monday…look at the pine tree in the front of the bathhouse…that shape will always, always, always be in my mind



And I can show  you  this place too, we just need to ride the train from Hiroshima station to Yokogawa at night



who is off to do battle with a dodgy thermostat and a pile of dishes 



  1. I am obsessed with Hayao Miyazaki films, I bought a dodgy box set with about 12 of them burned on from Ebay a couple of years ago and recommend it. I actually fancy Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle….! Also weirdly I was looking at Miyazaki’s IMDB earlier and thinking about what a cool looking old guy he is.

    I downloaded the new one, Ponyo (see my facebook profile pic), a couple of months ago with really bad/funny English subtitles, obviously by a non native English speaker. It’s no Spirited Away/Howl but it is really cute.

    Have you been to the Studio Ghibli Museum? One of my friends has lived in Japan for a while and seeing his photos from there made me sooooooooo jealous!!
    Anyway haven’t spoken to you for awhile but hope you’re well!

  2. I hate yet to see Ponyo – but I can sing the theme song in Japanese….Japanese kids were, in general, OBSESSED with the movie last summer. I haven’t been to the ghibli museum, you have to pre-book tickets using this machine thing and everytime I’ve tried it’s been booked up :( BUT I think I’m going to go in November…maybe…hopefully.
    I’m home in early December, are you around/in Thame for Christmas? If so, let’s watch Miyazaki movies togetehr because I am certain I will be missing Japan terribley by that point!
    Mistranslated English is the best thing in the world ever – you should see teh T shirts in Japan. My two year old student came in last week wearing a T shiirt that said quite openly “Original Fuck”. Nice.

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