September 4, 2009

Kimono Countdown T-minus  Nine Days!

Argh!!!  I’m going to wear Kimono, is there much else to say?  I’M GOING TO WEAR KIMONO!!!! they’re a bit complicated to put on apparently, so getting my sizeable arse into the kimono, hair done, on time and still grinning might be a bit tricky but who cares because I’m GOING TO WEAR KIMONO!!!

3 weeks until my mini vacation…

9 Weeks until my little-big sneaky holiday… Ah, it’s going to be so sweet. I think I may just go and get lost in some forests and see what happens. I love the forests and rocks and great aching mountains very much.  I will miss them, but that knowledge is, of course, making the last three months so much sweeter and more important than the 15 that have already passed.

15 weeks until Christmas! At home. WIth chocolate oranges, the six bells and church. ‘Nuff said.

I’ve been filling my days with the usual: Wake-up, get coffee, write. Intermittently curse the world. Sometimes I think my natural state is a tiny little blonde ball of hate, which I spend my waking hours uncurling from. Although, post-coffee I’m usually semi-better. And if I’m outside then I’m fine.

I work – which at the moment is so un-intensive and un-demanding I feel like I’m on holiday (Oh, I’m going to regret committing that sentiment to screen. Fate will find it now and make an irony of me, it always does.).

Then I come home for lunch. The concept of a lunch hour is increasingly alien and bizarre. In the middle of the working day, one is given an hour all to oneself. To shrink from your professional role and indulge in being yourself removed. Maybe it’s because the majority of my colleagues spend a full 12 hours at work most days, it’s certainly opened my eyes. I still appreciate it, it’s just that the whole hour feels faintly surreal.

Then when I get home I cook. It feels amazing to be cooking again, especially to be cooking with the weight of impending poverty on my shoulders, which makes you infinately more creative (Well, one has to be imaginative when faced with a limp aubergine and funny looking peas). Last night, for example, I had a bunch of old mushrooms (Japanese mushrooms are fucking amazing, pardon my french but they really, really are) so I sauteed them with garlic, spinach, added a little chicken stock and soy milk and reduced the sauce down and it was so creamy and delicious and peppery.  I spooned the mixture over some fresh crusty bread and topped the lot with chopped cherry tomatoes. Heaven. Then I go run, take a hot bath and lie awake in my bed for a few hours waiting for sleep to come, I love being in my apartment, in the dark, at night. Moving around – letting the city lights illuminate my room, which seems to become smaller, the four walls folding over me. It’s very snug and very secure. It’s strange to think when I first arrived I would lie on the floor feeling lost and overwhelmed and now it feels like home.  It’s stranger to think that I may feel that way again soon, but about my own bed …

Music, as always, keeps me chugging:

Did I mention I really, really, really appreciate and adore my friends? You are all bloody amazing people. Especially Whitney who replies to my moods with music :)





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