88 Days

September 8, 2009

Name: Mariah Whelan

Occupation: Listening to ABBA and Elton John obsessively – They are just so, so good

Fabulous weekend: An inspirational Spaniard, a haircut, too much alcohol, the kind of hangover that lasts the entire day, curry, white cafe, cushions and a snooze, sneaking notes to a really handsome barman and then a long, long sleep.

No, the spaniard didn’t do the haircut, my lovely friend Ippei did (the same guy who chopped all my hair off back in January!) It’s still long (BUT STILL NOT LONG ENOUGH!!) and kinda curly but now i have a very long, very thick fringe (see hilarious link about hipster girls….)  which has already  demonstrated an amazing ability to spontaneously curl in the humidity. Which is embarrassing for me, humorous for my friends and hilarious for my enemies.

I just looked out the window – sometimes it hits you. You’re exactly where you want to be! And it’s sunny! And everything is everything! You can read the Kanji on the building opposite and be happy and dance around your apartment in downtown Hiroshima and feel like a million billion fireworks are going off.

I love autumn, I am just not a summer girl. It’s like one big squint into the too sunny horizon for a bus you can’t make out. I can find no space to think for all the heat and sunshine. You end up doing things mindlessly. You pull the autumn onto yourself , like jacket sleeves – waking up to the silly things you did during the summer when you thought that kaftan was the height of sophistication and mindlessly drank your way through the heat. Of course, by the time February rolls around the opposite is quite true.  Summer seems like a golden time of cliff diving and barbecues. So it goes.

Been looking through University photos and getting freaked out. Right now, living in Hiroshima is now and that was then. But eventually this will be then and now will be home and then who knows where and suddenly I will have nearly two years worth of Japan photos to look at and miss :(

Quite strange





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