Thing i learnt in Japan #2 Laughter is infectious …

September 28, 2009

Not humour, not a general sense of joviality – oh no. From the deep belly laughs of a group to the polite titter of a work function laughter itself has an incredible ability to catch and I usually find myself giggling into my Nabe with no clue about what is actually being said.

Point in case:

My Japanese is basic … very, very basic … I know the important stuff – “Feed me” “This” “That” and “Where” are  the mainstays really … So when I go out drinking with my work colleagues I without fail end up utterly lost in a literal sense. Socially though,  I end up having a whale of a time, completely clueless about what is actually being said…

 The more Nama (beer)  everyone inhales the more pissed they get (rapidly) and the faster and more colloquial their Japanese becomes.

Accordingly, the more vodka I down (racing through them because no one is talking to me) the more pissed I get in my own little world. I am going to miss that. Not having to make conversation, just propped up in my own little vodka-soaked world, letting the evening slide by me and swaying gently from side to side. Drunk. Isolated. And happy.

And giggling.

At just the right moments. It’s like a 6th sense, the social sense. It takes over and I laugh in the right places, my ear unconsciously listening to the gaps and pauses, the rise and fall of speech, because I have no freaking clue what is actually going on.


In a way, I’m really happy I didnt learn more Japanese. It’s like losing a sense and finding that the others suddenly heighten. I lost the ability to speak but I’ve learnt a shit load about people in return.

P.S I went to Jen’s birthday party as the Solar System: I painted ten balls with glitter and decorated them with beads and hung them from my dress! It was so, so much fun.


Love loads,

Mizi Moo xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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