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October 29, 2009

A lot of very exciting things are happening at the moment :)

On Saturday my 9 day vacation starts and I’m off to Nikko in Northernish Japan Im really excited because there is a Forest of 13,000 Cedar Trees! I really really love trees … Probably a bit too much but there are worse things one could love, like an untamable cowboy or a heartless rogue for example. In comparison to that loving trees is really very sensible. I hope there are swirling mists … there probably won{t be but I hope there are and maybe maybe maybe some snow? Although its way too early I know.

Im booked in to a Japanese Ryoken and am massively looking forward to taking a dip in the on-site Onsen and waking at Dawn to go walk amongst the trees.

Yes. Of course Im going alone. Im actually a little nervous about going … Im a big fan of jumping on someone elses ideas and going with them but this is all off my back and its going to be done alone. But then I remember how much I love Japan and how good it and the Universe are in general and I actually start to get a little excited.

After Nikko Im going to Tokyo one last time, for a fleeting trip to the Studio Ghibli Museum. If there is anything you want me to take a picture of, or something you want from the Museum shop or if you want the pamphlets or anything, let me know and Il post one out to you :)

I love the fact that the Museum is centered around the following phrase “Let’s become lost children together”. It seems rather appropriate for  the solo trip but perhaps also neatly encapsulates my whole time spent here.

In other news, my laptop gave up the ghost and died. Blarp. Just like that. One day I was waggling the power lead trying to get it to work, the next it was MELTING IN MY HANDS. Seriously.

Now Im writing on darling Nic@s computer, he goes to bed much much earlier than me because he is much much better at life than me. He does useful things like actually study Japanese (Hes actually fluent now) whilst Im lying in my pit drinking coffee and cursing the world and stroking my many cats and hoarding plastic bags and such. So, he is letting me keep it at night whilst he sleeps and then he takes it back in the morning whilst Im still sleeping.

What a gent eh?

Love loads

Mizi Moo xoxoxoxoxo



October 28, 2009

The charger cable for my laptop has been a bit  annoying recently but last night it smoked (argh!) and then finally died … No idea when I’ll be able to post :(

But hey, I wanted an information detox and by God i appear to be getting it :)

Love Mizi xoxoxoxo



Men in Leggings …

October 23, 2009

… is actually really, really hot …




I wholeheartedly approve of this trend …



October 21, 2009

“Where are you running to young man, don’t you know you are  already there?”

It’s a bit difficult, treading the fine lines between laziness, over-focus on the future and quiet future-panic.

I really have nothing planned for certain when I leave Japan. There,now I’ve said it: It’s a wee bit terrifying isn’t it?

Possibilities, are piling up like fallen persimmons. I suppose I’m trying to focus on the sense of being at home, of having open hours to fill and nothing at all to do. When will I work out, when will I do yoga, where will I write? Maybe I should content myself with focusing on questions like this.

My Mum has gutted my childhood bedroom and thrown away all my clothes.  She says this is a new start and the next phase of my life. I’m going to listen to her – She’s got 40 years on me and is a pretty wise, cool and funny woman. She’s painted everything in light reflecting white and stained all my furniture dark brown and is searching for a writing desk for me. She’s pretty cool, my Mum.



October 17, 2009

I think I am becoming institutionalized by my Ekaiwa lifestyle …

I’ve never hated working Saturdays …  I mean, it’s a pretty easy compromise to make because I get to live, work and most importantly eat in Japan.

However, I just looked out the window and sighing, said out loud: “I’d just have to find something else to do anyway.”

What a change is this! I used to crave the energy and excitement of the weekend, not to mention was so wholey focused on doing exactly as I pleased. Now, I know I would just end up arsing around. Reading blogs, shopping and drinking coffee, whilst being  pleasurable activities, are a little vapid and boring and the idea of listing shopping as a hobby makes me want to vomit.

Anyway, this leads me to the point that I am disappointed in myself lately for having shit hobbies.

At school  I always ask the kids:

“What’s your favorite hobby?” (They always cock their wee heads and look very confused at this question, bless them …)

So I model …

M: “Mariah Sensei (point at myself). I like reading books.”

Small Child: “I like sleeping”

Mariah Sensei: “Me too!”

This is all lies. LIES LIES LIES. I NEVER READ ANYMORE. My hobby is f*cking about on the internet and working out and shopping and eating.


How does it sneakup on you like this? Life?! You are so, so, so positive about where you’re going and then you suddenly realise. Nope. I’m actually crap at being an incarnate being.

Really crap.

But at least I’m done with drinking. I don’t miss it at all. Last weekend at the Festival was great but it’s just not worth it. It aggravates my acne, makes me pale and thoroughly hate who I am. I am such a boring drunk …

So. I’m proposing to go on a consumption diet. No more mass-media(bye bye guardian) , social networking(crackbook), shopping or any other sort of idle and poisonous habits.

A detox, if you will. For Seven Days.

Blogging though – well that just doesn’t count. That’s writing, so that’s allowed of course.

… right?



October 16, 2009

Suddenly the part of my brain connected with sensuous memory recall has kicked into overdrive …

I will be happily walking down the street in the still warm pale October sunshine and suddenly underneath my feet are the cool, rough stone flags of the kitchen I lived in when I turned twenty. I remember the sticky patches of bin juice near the back door; the horrible feeling of a cold, split tea bag between my toes when I had braved the January kitchen to try and turn the hot water on in the darkness.

Or suddenly, my mind is filled with dry leaves and snapped willow branches catching my soles and  the sound they made (are making) when I jogged next to the Lagan river.

I remember the feel of the plastic covered, wood chip handles on our kitchen drawers. And the shift in texture from smooth white carrier bags, lifting them out to pull up thickly stacked tea towels. Their grains rough and well washed under the searching  pads of my fingers. A feeling as satisfying as dipping cupped hands into bags of dried split-peas.

How odd that my mind is choosing to reconcile itself to a return home through these vivid memories; that happen, only when I switch off the lamps in my small room, seven stories up in downtown Hiroshima


90% Proof …

October 14, 2009

Sometimes you have to accept that Nomihodai is a challange…


With inevitable results… lols…

I used to think Japanese Rice wine was especially rank with an awful tendency to give me hangovers so bad it’s made my ears bleed on occasion. So rice wine plus all you can drink (nomihodai!) should mean death for the likes of me.

 Despite that fact, I – or I should say we all, piled onto the train on Sunday morning and headed to the annual Saijo Sake Festival.

I have to say I’m both disturbed and in awe of Japanese drinking culture. As far as salary men go, it seems to be drink, fondle/bond with your colleagues and then vomit and pass out in your suit slumped in a doorway waiting for the first trains to start running. And then get up and go to work.

So, we started the day (with no breakfast – very bad decision, believe me) throwing back  “genki drinks” out side Saijo station. Genki drinks are amazing- they are designed to make you genki … which is pretty hard to define. It means health, energy, happy mood, many things. But this basically means these little drinks taste, smell and have the effects of red bull mixed with crack. Proper hyper energy designed for everyone living on this island because none of us get enough sleep. ever. Anyone else agree with me? I swear when people ask me “What did you do in Japan?” I will reply “Was knackered. constantly.Then I came home.” Gah. Anyway, I digress… These particular beauties stop you from getting hung over and because Japan is the land of convenience they also come in powder form for gumming and snorting presumably. Nice.  Any way. That dude could have done with one prior to his first Sake methinks!



Cheers! Oh, don’t say chin chin when you raise your glass in Japan! It means penis!



The Kinki region was particularly enjoyed by all.


This man was very, very, very drunk and therefore very brave and very generous. That bottle of Sake cost $100 and had tiny flakes of gold floating in the liquor. He must have wasted half a bottle on our completely oblivious palettes.


As usual. Whitney let me play with her beautiful camera. Which was kind seeing as I was on my eighth glass when I took this …  and I’m not the most steady on my feet at the best of times.

Did you know 100,000 – 200, 000 people usually attend?


We all were pretty drunk by around 3 … Everyone was, it was fantastic to see people’s reserve melt away.  Suddenly, you found yourself having a terribly engaged conversation with circles of Japanese Grandmas, each one propping up an inebriated husband. Waxing lyrical about the wonders of Sake  in broken Japanglish.

This pair were legends. Yoshi Snr and Yoshi Jnr…


But eventually the Sake wound down…

By this point I was such a pro and whacking out my Japanese numbers, giving the wee barman a wink as I went.


The Kinki region closed down, and they were down to their last booth where everyone seemed to congregate, all pretence went out the window and the focus was clearly on cleaning the place out.  Yoshi Snr was, I swear, one of the last people standing!

I have no idea when we were all kicked out of the tiny enclosed park. We ended up sitting outside a 7/11 drinking beer until we caught the train home and went out to a bar in Hiroshima.


Funnily enough – I was in bed by midnight, aching all over. But I drank two pints of water and actually felt very human the next morning after a grand total of 14 Sake cups, 3 beers, 1/2 plate of Yaki Soba, 4 Taco Yaki balls and 6 hours of sleep. It was up and off for another day in Hiroshima…


See what I mean about Japan? Theres just too much to be doing to waste time sleeping!

All the love in the world,

Mizi Moo xoxoxoxoxoxoxo