Awfull things I do when no one is looking…

October 2, 2009

Well look…it’s not my fault…summer refuses to effing die in sticky, swampy old Hiroshima.

I want crisp autumn air and tights and I want them now.

So, late at night after a run and a shower I crank my AC up (or, er…down…) to the lowest setting it has. I put on PJs, socks and a hoodie and curl up under a blanket and pretend its autumn in all its snuggly, hibernatey awesomeness.

I set the timer for half an hour, put in my ear plugs and whack on my HELLO KITTY EYEMASK!!! YATTA! and drift off.


Sweet, snuggly, autumn-coloured dreams,


Love Mizi moo xoxooxox

(I know – it’s awful and the planet will die because of people like me)


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