Nom nom nom …

October 6, 2009

Have you heard of Konnyaku?

These Japanese noodles are made from the Devil’s tounge plant; dried, ground and oxidised with egg shells (apparently). I know there is always a process to these things but I can’t help but imagine the eureka moment when some bloke figured out that adding this strange nobbily plant to these old egg shells made yummy noodles. They don’t taste of anything, really, but suck up all the flavours you cook them with because they are 97% water and the rest is all fibre.


Naturally then, they weigh in at 21 calories per 300 grams. Win!

I made soup with celery, carrots and onions (and a tonne of chilli and garlic of course) and chowed down on salad with sesame dressing, too.


Perfect combination: Jane Austen on youtube and lovely spicy noodles on a chilly evening.


Love loads,

Mizi xoxoxoxoxo


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