Seven More Friday Nights Like This …

October 9, 2009

Darlings, thats the truth. Seven more friday evenings spent curled up in bed, pouring over my books and sipping tea before the next big shift.

I had a crier for the first time this week. One of those awful classes where the child screams and screams and screams for 30 minutes. The daft thing freaked out so much after her Mum left her,  that she gave herself a carpet burn  from thrashing her legs against our horrid cheap carpets.  Eventually, she calmed down. She was so hot and sweaty from screaming I had to pull up her T shirt and put the air con on. In the end, covering her with stickers did the trick.

I literally ran out of ideas and just took all the stickers out of her book and put them on her legs instead. So, instead of screaming “MAMA” she screamed “CHIGAU YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” (which literally translates as “DIFFERENT” but you get the idea) and she let me stick the stickers in the right place under her strict orders. I didnt even notice she was falling asleep on me untill it was too late and I was stuck with a very sticky, sweaty 3 year old girl, violently clinging to my shoulders. Thank God I come with cushion seats and have a gift for making people feel sleepy. 

I am quite scared about her screaming next week because she will be joined by a sweet little boy who is quite shy…

Ah well. 7 more weeks times 45 minutes =  5 and a quarter hours of potential screaming. I can totally do that.

When her Mum came to pick her up, good lord – I didn’t want to let her go. She smelled of tears and baby shampoo and I have taught her for 17 months and I really, really adore her even though she is a brat and I just didn’t want her to go without us making up and being friends again. That’s why I could never be a real teacher, I’m far to interested in making friends with my students. They are so much fun… How can you not want to be friends with someone who feels life with such a fresh keenness, that they  nearly vomit from laughing whilst lobbing magnetised plastic fruit at a white board?  

But on the other hand … she did suck all the snot off of  her lip once she stopped crying and that did make me want to vomit on her.


Mariah Sensei



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