90% Proof …

October 14, 2009

Sometimes you have to accept that Nomihodai is a challange…


With inevitable results… lols…

I used to think Japanese Rice wine was especially rank with an awful tendency to give me hangovers so bad it’s made my ears bleed on occasion. So rice wine plus all you can drink (nomihodai!) should mean death for the likes of me.

 Despite that fact, I – or I should say we all, piled onto the train on Sunday morning and headed to the annual Saijo Sake Festival.

I have to say I’m both disturbed and in awe of Japanese drinking culture. As far as salary men go, it seems to be drink, fondle/bond with your colleagues and then vomit and pass out in your suit slumped in a doorway waiting for the first trains to start running. And then get up and go to work.

So, we started the day (with no breakfast – very bad decision, believe me) throwing back  “genki drinks” out side Saijo station. Genki drinks are amazing- they are designed to make you genki … which is pretty hard to define. It means health, energy, happy mood, many things. But this basically means these little drinks taste, smell and have the effects of red bull mixed with crack. Proper hyper energy designed for everyone living on this island because none of us get enough sleep. ever. Anyone else agree with me? I swear when people ask me “What did you do in Japan?” I will reply “Was knackered. constantly.Then I came home.” Gah. Anyway, I digress… These particular beauties stop you from getting hung over and because Japan is the land of convenience they also come in powder form for gumming and snorting presumably. Nice.  Any way. That dude could have done with one prior to his first Sake methinks!



Cheers! Oh, don’t say chin chin when you raise your glass in Japan! It means penis!



The Kinki region was particularly enjoyed by all.


This man was very, very, very drunk and therefore very brave and very generous. That bottle of Sake cost $100 and had tiny flakes of gold floating in the liquor. He must have wasted half a bottle on our completely oblivious palettes.


As usual. Whitney let me play with her beautiful camera. Which was kind seeing as I was on my eighth glass when I took this …  and I’m not the most steady on my feet at the best of times.

Did you know 100,000 – 200, 000 people usually attend?


We all were pretty drunk by around 3 … Everyone was, it was fantastic to see people’s reserve melt away.  Suddenly, you found yourself having a terribly engaged conversation with circles of Japanese Grandmas, each one propping up an inebriated husband. Waxing lyrical about the wonders of Sake  in broken Japanglish.

This pair were legends. Yoshi Snr and Yoshi Jnr…


But eventually the Sake wound down…

By this point I was such a pro and whacking out my Japanese numbers, giving the wee barman a wink as I went.


The Kinki region closed down, and they were down to their last booth where everyone seemed to congregate, all pretence went out the window and the focus was clearly on cleaning the place out.  Yoshi Snr was, I swear, one of the last people standing!

I have no idea when we were all kicked out of the tiny enclosed park. We ended up sitting outside a 7/11 drinking beer until we caught the train home and went out to a bar in Hiroshima.


Funnily enough – I was in bed by midnight, aching all over. But I drank two pints of water and actually felt very human the next morning after a grand total of 14 Sake cups, 3 beers, 1/2 plate of Yaki Soba, 4 Taco Yaki balls and 6 hours of sleep. It was up and off for another day in Hiroshima…


See what I mean about Japan? Theres just too much to be doing to waste time sleeping!

All the love in the world,

Mizi Moo xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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