October 17, 2009

I think I am becoming institutionalized by my Ekaiwa lifestyle …

I’ve never hated working Saturdays …  I mean, it’s a pretty easy compromise to make because I get to live, work and most importantly eat in Japan.

However, I just looked out the window and sighing, said out loud: “I’d just have to find something else to do anyway.”

What a change is this! I used to crave the energy and excitement of the weekend, not to mention was so wholey focused on doing exactly as I pleased. Now, I know I would just end up arsing around. Reading blogs, shopping and drinking coffee, whilst being  pleasurable activities, are a little vapid and boring and the idea of listing shopping as a hobby makes me want to vomit.

Anyway, this leads me to the point that I am disappointed in myself lately for having shit hobbies.

At school  I always ask the kids:

“What’s your favorite hobby?” (They always cock their wee heads and look very confused at this question, bless them …)

So I model …

M: “Mariah Sensei (point at myself). I like reading books.”

Small Child: “I like sleeping”

Mariah Sensei: “Me too!”

This is all lies. LIES LIES LIES. I NEVER READ ANYMORE. My hobby is f*cking about on the internet and working out and shopping and eating.


How does it sneakup on you like this? Life?! You are so, so, so positive about where you’re going and then you suddenly realise. Nope. I’m actually crap at being an incarnate being.

Really crap.

But at least I’m done with drinking. I don’t miss it at all. Last weekend at the Festival was great but it’s just not worth it. It aggravates my acne, makes me pale and thoroughly hate who I am. I am such a boring drunk …

So. I’m proposing to go on a consumption diet. No more mass-media(bye bye guardian) , social networking(crackbook), shopping or any other sort of idle and poisonous habits.

A detox, if you will. For Seven Days.

Blogging though – well that just doesn’t count. That’s writing, so that’s allowed of course.

… right?


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