October 29, 2009

A lot of very exciting things are happening at the moment :)

On Saturday my 9 day vacation starts and I’m off to Nikko in Northernish Japan Im really excited because there is a Forest of 13,000 Cedar Trees! I really really love trees … Probably a bit too much but there are worse things one could love, like an untamable cowboy or a heartless rogue for example. In comparison to that loving trees is really very sensible. I hope there are swirling mists … there probably won{t be but I hope there are and maybe maybe maybe some snow? Although its way too early I know.

Im booked in to a Japanese Ryoken and am massively looking forward to taking a dip in the on-site Onsen and waking at Dawn to go walk amongst the trees.

Yes. Of course Im going alone. Im actually a little nervous about going … Im a big fan of jumping on someone elses ideas and going with them but this is all off my back and its going to be done alone. But then I remember how much I love Japan and how good it and the Universe are in general and I actually start to get a little excited.

After Nikko Im going to Tokyo one last time, for a fleeting trip to the Studio Ghibli Museum. If there is anything you want me to take a picture of, or something you want from the Museum shop or if you want the pamphlets or anything, let me know and Il post one out to you :)

I love the fact that the Museum is centered around the following phrase “Let’s become lost children together”. It seems rather appropriate for  the solo trip but perhaps also neatly encapsulates my whole time spent here.

In other news, my laptop gave up the ghost and died. Blarp. Just like that. One day I was waggling the power lead trying to get it to work, the next it was MELTING IN MY HANDS. Seriously.

Now Im writing on darling Nic@s computer, he goes to bed much much earlier than me because he is much much better at life than me. He does useful things like actually study Japanese (Hes actually fluent now) whilst Im lying in my pit drinking coffee and cursing the world and stroking my many cats and hoarding plastic bags and such. So, he is letting me keep it at night whilst he sleeps and then he takes it back in the morning whilst Im still sleeping.

What a gent eh?

Love loads

Mizi Moo xoxoxoxoxo


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