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My favorite day is curry day….

November 21, 2009

My friend Ayako and I have had a tradition over the past few months – we go to  a Buffet Indian Curry Place and spend about 4 hours eating delicious curry, naan and salads. They do this amazing aubergine and potato curry that has seduced me so I am officially addicted to Monday curry dates with Ayako and a rotating assortment of other friends.

This past weekend, we went to the Peace park after  lunch – Even Nic, who is studying for the First Grade of the japanese Profieciency test and is therefore super busy, couldnt resist the sunshine and came out for a walk with us.

I love the peace park here, it is so so so beautiful and always full of people enjoying it. Which is important I think …

The ginko trees are all shedding there leaves!

Ayako and Nic in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome …

Me and Ayako, I am going to miss this girl a lot  :(

I have no idea why she is holding a Japanese dictionary!?!?!?!?!?!

Happy Days, Love Mizi Moo xoxoxoxo


I took a photo I like in a bar I love …

November 14, 2009



Snow, Mountains and Three Wise Monkeys …

November 14, 2009

Sorry for the total lack of updates of late. The computer is still lifeless and explodedededed on my desk and as Im using someone else s computer there is no way for me to upload photos, and whom, I ask, wants to read a boring photofree blog post.

So this week I went to Nikko in northern Japan, totally alone. The mountains were covered in snow – the air was so thin and icy it made my nose bleed at one point and the silence was overwhelming. For three days I spoke only passing pleasantries in Japanese and came back each night to my tatami mat room in a small cabin up above Nikko Village.

It was pretty lonely and disorientating. I barely spoke, listened to no music – just walked and walked through the shrines and temples and caught strange buses to stranger places.

It was at points very lonely and at points very uplifting and beautiful. When I was alone in the woods it was fine, but when they began to fill with people I was struck by how alone I was. But then I would walk round a corner and find something so beautiful – a  tree, or a river or an arching Torii gate, and suddenly I would begin to feel quite proud of myself, of my achievements. Bringing myself to this point not only in my travels but also in general :)

Then, the day before yesterday I came home via Tokyo and went to the ghibli museum.

I wandered round like a pratt for 3 hours completely wide eyed. I had wanted to do this for a really long time – and seeing the building, getting into the spirit of he place, climbing huge spiral staircases, stooping to pass through miniature doors, peeking into dollhouses filled with tiny pig families. It was perfect. I ate in the little cafe there, alone. I had a yummy vegetable curry and rice ball croquet dumplings and sipped on iced tea in the garden with a blanket wrapped around my knees facing the gas fire.  That whole place is just how I want my house to be when I grow up :)

Now Im back in Hiroshima and my life is a sea of cleaning, bleaching and packing. How does one aimless and lonely English teacher end up accumulating so much bloody junk. I have 61 shoes. I know that is an uneven number but flip flops are buggers for getting lost when you arent looking.

One month today I will be on a flight to London.


Love Mizi Moo xoxoxoxox