3 days …

December 10, 2009

Ok, So its serious now – Im leaving Japan and Asia and this half of the international date line behind and flying home in three days.

Im cycling rapidly between tears, regret, relief, panic and unbridled happiness…nothing new there then …

I had another visitor, we hiked the same hills I have hiked alone for 18 months. I couldnt cry or feel sad because I simply cannot imagine not seeing these views again. If my eyes are closed, they are there; skies full of stars and black mountains cast against orange suns.  Great Bamboo woods, blackened and full of soft foot falls.

In fact, at times – it was really messed up. Time and space were bending just a little too much at points. A line was drawn quite clearly under the past, but space is so liminal at the moment it was hard to see more than two minutes into the future, We came down one mountain in the pitchy black, using my cell phone for a light. The beams lit up the immediate few trees but the illumination itself threw the remainder of the forest into total darkness. Life is a little like that; currently I have this tiny little light thats showing me where my next foot-fall should be. The only problem is, its making the more distant forest darker and blacker and a little scarier.

So, now I am free of work I spent 4 hours in a cafe illustrating the whole thing. The past few days … have been tempered by the same mantra … make something; make something; make something – Partly its the inspiration of a dear friend”s visit but mostly its just the relief of no longer working a job that was draining me. I”m not quite back to normal yet, but I can feel all the fine threads these past few years coalescing slightly and feeding the impulse to create.


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