December 12, 2009

Yesterday I went to Miajima; my friend and I spent time wandering around for the last time.

As ever, nature responded to my mood. It always does. The sky was huge and dark and filled with billowing storm clouds.On the train though, the clouds split and huge heavy sun beams broke through lighting up the train carriage.

The great thing was the clouds remained, circling the very tops of the mountains and rolling through valleys out to sea, all perfectly illuminated by the sunshine.

I pulled my fortune out of the drawers at the temple … and it was pretty reassuring. Firstly it said, “Go West” “Traveling is good right now” Well, I’m flying west tomorrow morning. It also said “the things I have lost are coming back to me. The person I love will be late but there in the end”

I’m pretty pleased with that!

This is the last post from Japan – ca you believe it? I’m going to keep on blogging, the unravelling wont stop just because I leave here. I can feel the immense magic in my life already bubbling up and pouring out :)

I just wish it didn’t feel so very wrong to leave behind all the people I’ve come to love and who taught me to be happy, contented and whole.


Mizi xoxoxoxoxoxoox


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