The Final Japan Trip (Part 1)

December 23, 2009

The last trip.

Alone (as ever), up high and in awe of everything I saw.

It was autumn and absolutely beautiful – gorgeous. It took my breath away every morning to wake up to the huge blue mountains.

Every morning, I woke up before dawn and walked down the hill towards the centre of Nikko Town. It was really, really, really cold and the town is so small there was nowhere to eat breakfast, so I brought cheap canned coffee from the Convenience Store and finding some loose morning sunbeams tried to keep warm among the parked cars next to the shop.

The bus up this mountain nearly killed me. I really hate being driven in situations that make me uncomfortable. Huge Mountains and ICE are included in this category so I was absolutely petrified as the huge buses’ wheels began to slip and spin as we came into sheer bends. But hey, I’m still alive. I need to not worry so much :)

The temple complex itself, was back in Nikko Town. Heading North towards the waterfall, the road forks and two tiny flights of stairs mark the entrance. I didn’t have a guidebook, so following my nose (in the dark – ha!) I took the left staircase and began the slow ascent into the temples.

The temples are beautiful – yes, its true. But far more impressive (for me anyway) were the huge trees. I just bloody love trees. Give me a tree, some moss – a slight chill in the air and I am a happy girl. Solace. Thats what I like about trees and huge forests and giant mountains. Theyre older things and they know about life and in them I find a lot of understanding I suppose. Respite from the temporary world of cities and airports and never-ending travel.

People keep asking me “How was it?” now that I am back. Well, it was strange – really, really fun and wonderful but strange. I learnt a lot of lessons I suppose. Lessons that surprised me. For example, realizing that life is quite full and enjoyable when there are trees and mountains and oceans. When there is quiet and silence. You see I always thought to be happy, one needed to be in love, to have friends, to go out and get drunk and dancing all night, have people like you.

But actually, for me, life because more and more magical in Japan the more time I spent in silence, using my eyes and my ears, my heart opened out and I fell in love with the whole world. Even though I was alone, I was really happy. I needed to learn how to do that.

I like this guy’s calcified beard :)

Love, a snowed-in Mizi Moo



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