New Years Resolutions!!!!!

December 31, 2009

Of course, its that time of year again – New Year Resolution Time and like many others I am going to keep to my mantra of try, fail, try again, fail better. Only this year is actually going to be fantastic and wonderful and utterly revolutionary comapred to the past 23 :) I can feel it in my waters. Funnily enough tonight (the 30th) I can’t sleep. My mind is full up of many, many, many things and I’m having a dark night of the soul. A night where each side of the pillow is loaded with memories and anxiety. But its the last one. I had a really really really really really really rough year this year. But Now … its a whole new decade.

1) Enrol and complete writing course at the London School of Journalism. Actually, fuck completing it – thats a shite goal! Completely blow everyon I come in contact with away.

2) Move to M***** or B******** (still top secret because moving to one or two of these cities is going to change the world :)

3) Read 26 book (1/week)

4) Get excited and make things! All the time!

5) Get at least one photograph published because they really are very good.

6) Take a photography Course

7) Make a whole bunch of awesome new friends.

8) Learn Spanish so in 2011 I can

9) Couchsurf my way across South America!

10) Fall in love.

Love Mizi xoxoxoxo


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