Creativity, Piercings and Malaise.

January 10, 2010

 I chose to begin this very new decade by going backwards. Back to Edinburgh and back into the company of some old friends. A little ironic, I thought to myself, as my coach crawled through snow-bound traffic jams up towards Newcastle and then on to Edinburgh. After 2 years away, here I am heading backwards. Sat in the same coach seat (probably) going to the same cities to see the same people and perform the same, now almost ritualistic, act of piercing my nose.


This was my third time, I felt time looping backwards – playing back the colours, feelings and sense of the past in tandem with the fresh quality of this visit. Time played tricks on me, but contrast – bright, knife-like contrast was cutting through each reminiscence. Our lives are themed, motifs play out and certain things tie up our lives in loops; music, people, a certain smell or  even the piercing of one’s nose bind our lives into chapters and tie neat but connected ribbons around the pages. But although a sense of the past is retained, we can never occupy or inhabit the physical space again.

Friendship shifts, cities move on and above all else the very faculties we use to experience situation are fundamentally changed.


That became quite apparent to me, when she, the piercing lady, pushed a bright needle through my left nostril. The pain was even different, blunt-er, less acute. Timely I thought because life has a tendency to blunt a little with age. I worry sometimes that I’ve lived the most exciting part of my life already. I know I’ve certainly broken with my time of unbridled revelry and ass-hat hedonism, I left that behind when I moved to Japan but what if the highs and lows and the intrigue of romance and friendship have been extinguished too?

Hm, I sound like a wounded returnee of course. A girl who spending too much time abroad, is now stuck back in her childhood bedroom writing up blog posts. Unravelling but not travelling.

Yesterday I wrote a blogpost for yearof52adventures, wrote out 9 beautiful quotes (beautifully) because my New Year’s Resolution is to write out one per day, took photos and went to the gym.  I’m being really productive. I’m also reading the Unbearable Lightness of Being which I have totally and completely fallen in love with (deeply and forever I think). 

Love, Mizi xoxoxoxo


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  1. I am so glad you love that book. It’s an ultimate favorite of mine. I think about Petrin Hill ALL THE TIME.

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