Snow, positivity and CAKE!

January 14, 2010

So, my nose stud fell out and I, like the child I am, had a mega strop. I sat on the edge of my bath and cried and cried because the whole sky was falling down – my nose had broken (clearly.) My acne is of course irreparably awful, India is postponed until next year and I am clearly a terrible mess of a person destined to live in Thame forever.
So, to cheer myself up – I made cakes, took photographs and generally had a wonderful time covered in icing sugar, soy cream and listening to beautiful music.

Tday I re-pierced my nose and have begun to get myself organised. Photography, writing, drawing, reading – It feels a little directionless which is killing me (I like direction, or an excuse to be directionless, such as living in Japan! That was a bloody good reason to be directionless!)

So, floating on a sea of notknowingwhereI’mgoingness I made an egg and milk free cake and spent half the morning photographing the lovely thing.

It was yum.

Taking pictures, baking, drawing. It’s a pretty sweet life and I’m really, really enjoying it. I keep wanting to peer around the corner to see what is  coming next but right now, It feels right to be patient (and positive).





  1. Nice pics Mizi.
    Your cake looks amazing!
    Sorry to hear about India being postponed xx

    • Yeah, I don’t understand whats goin on at the moment -Every path I try to follow leads me right back to where I am, here, waiting.
      I can’t find anyone who wants to travel yet and I desperately want to go somewhere but life seems to be saying “non!”
      The cake WAS amazing, wish you could have tried some!

  2. that cake looks great, and so are your pictures, do you have a flickr account?

    • Hi Sofie,
      I do have a flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mizimoo/
      I just got a new camera and am learnin to use it!
      The camera was great! I’m really excited to bake some more Vegan yummies!

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