Odd and Even

February 27, 2010

Sabina is my favorite character in The Unbearable Lightness of Being … I feel/worry/hope I may be living out her story as I move from city to city, country to country,  life to life. I think a lot of us women – the ones who move around, are unlovable(unlivable), frustrated, artistic and  curious are bound to her fate. Quietly noting the lack of insight of our lover has as he fails to see the irony of our tipped bowler hat. Bowler hats always mean more. In equal measures knowing my life is playing out like this makes me smile and deepens the sense of loneliness I feel momentarily as I get ready to board the next airplane, take a solo seat in a coffee shop where everyone turns to stare, in lecture theatres, in my published writing.

The quite in question starts at “Betrayal”…

If I had to narrow down what this blog is about, I would have to say it’s about inhabiting the life that so many young women, so many of my friends, are now living. Breaking ranks, quietly betraying home for a lonely but wholly satisfying life.

I don’t know. Barcelona is still amazing, back at Uni today to buy books and study Spanish under the same orange trees. Tomorrow is sightseeing with my host family and then a squat gig in the evening.


Mizi xo



  1. I love this one! now if only my mom could be convinced that this is a good thing! I think I should have you write her a letter for me, you seem to sum it all up very easily! Hope you’re still in love with Barcelona! XXXXXOOOOO

  2. Maybe you could give this book to your Mom to read? I am not in love with Barcelona yet, I really like her and we’re seeing a lot of each other…it could be something special though …
    I am available for Mum writing for a nominal fee :)

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