Snow, piano and the habits of birds.

March 10, 2010

It snowed. In Barcelona.

I move here to escape the bloody cold and this is what I get:

I’ve not been posting much because I’ve been really busy studying Spanish – it’s tough but the pay off is good. I was amazed to understand a bit of the lyrics to Caldestino by Manu Chao – This song is looping like crazy in my brain right now … On the bus, on the train, on foot, by the ocean, by the mountains, in the sunshine and under the mimosa trees. I’m wandering and I’m lost and in fact I have no idea what I’m doing or how I ended up in Barcelona falling in love with Castilliano.  But here I am.

Wish I had this album :) Video is shite but the song is really, really good.

Also been listening to this. A lot.



  1. Gorgeous photo of the snow Miss! Even NI doesn’t have snow at the minute! lol hope you’re good!

  2. ha ha … Utterly freak weather conditions – you would not believe the problems it caused here. To think last week we were wandering around in Tee-shirts and then now it’s snowing?! Madness …
    Is it warm in NI yet?

  3. It’s not really warm but it’s gotten alot brighter since we got back, thankfully! It’s still a bit chilly tho. The snow must have caused mass panic there I mean look what happened in England recently, and we’re more used to it than them!

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