My name is Mariah

An overweight, blue eyed, dirty blonde mammal operating at about 17% maximum mental  capacity.


Displays  over excitement, sarcasm and dilettantism as her primary characteristics but makes bloody good buns and everyone loves a tryer.


She’s twenty three years old and although currently in-between adventure (*ahem*) has on occaision spent time in Japan, the US, Iceland, Spain, France and Belfast. Norn Iron.



In short, you can summarise it these days as a series of incidents involving the following:

Worrying, Radiohead, Cake, musing, Art, Making things, failing to make things, poems, books, dancing, poems, yoga, raving, drinking too much beer and having days of FAIL, design, polka dots, cake, ramen, sushi, pretending I’m in a Bob Dylan song and gin (Not necessarily in this order), getting in a tizzy.



One comment

  1. Hi!♪^^
    I’m a japanese eighteen-years old girl.
    I read your comment at elsie’s blog and found the word”japan”\(!O!)/

    Are you living in japan?
    Can you speak japanese??^^

    ぶんぽう に まちがい が ある かもしれません(^_^;)
    また きます(≧∀≦)♪
    よかったら なかよく してください(=^. .^=)

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